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Take the Extra Step: Install a Whole-House Dehumidifier

Santa Fe Basement Dehumidifier Installation NJ

Homeowners Enjoy These Dehumidifier Benefits Home improvements are often the result of home emergencies—those unexpected problems that must be fixed. When your AC quits working in July, you replace it. If your internet goes down every weekend, you find a new provider. When summer rains repeatedly flood your basement, you call an experienced basement waterproofing…

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How Can I Control Moisture In My Basement?

moisture penetration nj basement

Mold and Moisture and Mildew, Oh My! Years ago, basements were used mainly for storage space. Basements derive from root cellars which were used to store food before refrigerators were invented. Over time, basements have transitioned from practical storage areas to valuable living spaces. From home offices to elaborate game rooms, basements are an extension…

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