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Basement Foundation Repair

New Jersey Basement Foundation Repair

Serving Union County & Beyond

Your foundation carries a lot of weight on its shoulders. Shifting soil, poor construction practices and more are just some of the problems that can be working against your foundation.

Not sure what the issue is or how serious it might be? Leave it to the trained professionals at Blue Umbrella. Our New Jersey waterproofing company specializes in basement foundation repair in Union County, NJ, and across The Garden State. Whether you have a basement, crawl space or slab foundation, we’ll help you keep the water out and protect your space from damage.

Why Is My Foundation Damaged?

Every home is different, so there’s never one definite reason why your foundation might be damaged. But more often than not, the problem involves hydrostatic pressure.

In simple terms, hydrostatic pressure refers to water pressure pushing against your foundation. Because soil can retain a lot of water, the soil and water combined create a powerful force that can damage your foundation and foundation walls. While you can’t escape hydrostatic pressure in your basement, our team can help you prevent flooding and water damage with a proper French drain installation or another basement waterproofing solution in Union County, NJ.

The Type of Crack Says a Lot

You might not realize it, but the crack itself can often indicate the problem. Here are the most common types of cracks and what they typically mean:

Vertical: When concrete shrinks, it has a tendency to crack. Whether your home is new or old, vertical cracks are common and typically do not indicate a structural problem. The main concern will be water seeping through the cracks. If this is the case, we specialize in crack repair and will properly seal the cracks for you.

Horizontal: These cracks are more serious than vertical cracks. If you see horizontal cracks on the wall, it means external pressure is forcing your foundation walls to bow inward. When left untreated, your foundation can eventually collapse and destroy the rest of your home. Response time is key with any structural issue. Call Blue Umbrella to quickly determine the problem and recommend the best approach for your specific situation.

Stair Step: The name says it all here. Cracks that look like stair steps indicate foundation settling. This means uneven soil conditions beneath your home are causing your home to rest unevenly, resulting in stair step cracks. These cracks are common in homes made with brick or concrete block. Stair step cracks can indicate a structural problem in your home and should be examined by a trained professional.

We Specialize in Minimally Invasive Solutions

Depending on the type of crack and the extent of damage, we may recommend a number of different solutions.

If your foundation walls are bowing, one option we often recommend is carbon fiber reinforcement. With this technique, we install fiber strips to counteract the pressure that’s damaging your foundation walls. The material in the fiber strips is much stronger than steel and prevents your walls from future structural damage. These strips rest nearly flush against the wall and can be painted over to blend in nicely with your basement walls. Best of all, the installation is fast, minimally invasive and a very smart investment if you want to protect your foundation for the long term.

Schedule Basement Foundation Repair in Union County, NJ, Morris County, NJ, and Beyond

Don’t turn a blind eye to your basement. If you notice cracks or other signs of foundation damage, we can fix the problem and give you peace of mind that your home is protected. Whether we recommend crack repair or another basement waterproofing solution for your home, rest assured we have the experience and expertise to serve you best as your local New Jersey waterproofing company.

To request a free estimate, call Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.432.8858 or contact us online today.

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