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Foundation Repair After Hurricanes: Everything You Need to Know

Is Your Home’s Foundation Ready to Weather the Storm?

It’s the middle of summer in New Jersey, which means family vacations, relaxing sunny days at the beach, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. Of course, these are the things that should be on your mind. If you’ve been watching the news, however, you’ve seen stories recently about tropical depressions and tropical storms and even heard mentions of hurricanes already this season. 

Our team has seen what a hurricane can do to your home and its foundation. When the ferocity of hurricanes strikes, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, your home’s foundation becomes more vulnerable than ever. 

Understanding Hurricane Foundation Risks

As a homeowner or property owner in New Jersey, you know all too well the potential risks hurricanes pose to your property. One thing you may not have considered is how a hurricane can affect your foundation. 

At Blue Umbrella Waterproofing, we understand the unique challenges New Jersey residents face when it comes to foundation damage caused by hurricanes. With our expertise and commitment to delivering reliable solutions, we stand ready to protect and fortify your foundation, ensuring your property can weather any storm that comes its way. 

Trust in our experience, and let us be your shield against the forces of nature, safeguarding your home and peace of mind.

“Every year, when tropical storm season rolls in, we are flooded with phone calls from homeowners and businesses dealing with water damage and foundation problems. We can always help after a storm, but often catching and fixing basement water and foundation issues before the hurricane can save homeowners thousands of dollars in damage and repair costs.”

-Steve Karlik, Owner & Founder of Blue Umbrella Waterproofing

When is Hurricane Season in New Jersey?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of foundation repair after hurricanes, let’s talk about hurricane season. If you’re a homeowner or property owner in New Jersey, you’re probably familiar with the annual dread that comes with the hurricane season. 

Hurricane season typically spans from June 1st to November 30th, with the peak activity occurring between August and October. New Jersey sees the most tropical storm activity between August and late October. 

During this time, powerful storms, driven by warm ocean waters and atmospheric conditions, can wreak havoc on homes and businesses, causing significant damage to their foundations. It is common to see damage from flooding, storm surge, high winds, and tornadoes from these tropical events.

New Jersey residents must remain vigilant and prepared during this peak hurricane season to protect themselves and their properties from potential damage.

Hurricanes Wreak Havoc on Foundations

Hurricanes are nature’s fury unleashed, and their powerful forces can lead to severe foundation damage. The destructive potential of storms can be attributed to several factors: 

  • Flying Debris: High winds during hurricanes can turn everyday objects into dangerous projectiles. Debris flying at high speeds can collide with the foundation of your property, leading to cracks and structural issues.
  • High Winds: Hurricane-force winds can exert tremendous pressure on the sides of buildings, causing them to lean, tilt, or develop cracks in the foundation.
  • Rain and Flooding: The torrential rains associated with hurricanes can lead to widespread flooding. Excessive water can saturate the soil around the foundation, increasing hydrostatic pressure, which can cause cracks, settling, and other foundation problems.
  • The Weight of Water: As the rainwater accumulates around the foundation, the soil beneath your property can become waterlogged. The added weight of the water can weaken the soil’s load-bearing capacity, leading to foundation settlement.
  • Foundation Cracks: The combination of wind, water, and pressure can cause existing foundation cracks to widen or new cracks to form, compromising the structural integrity of the building.
  • Tipping, Leaning, Bowing, Shearing Foundation Walls: In extreme cases, the lateral forces from hurricanes can cause foundation walls to tip, lean, bow, or shear, posing a significant risk to the overall stability of the structure.
Foundation damage after a hurricane

Reliable Foundation Repair Solutions for Hurricane Damage

After a hurricane strikes, it’s crucial to assess your foundation’s condition and promptly address any damage. As a trusted expert in foundation repair in New Jersey, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing has seen and fixed foundation issues caused by hurricanes in hundreds of homes across the state.

We offer a range of reliable foundation repair solutions tailored to address the unique challenges posed by hurricane damage.

Carbon-Kevlar® Straps for Reinforcement: The Ultimate Storm Shield

One technology stands out when it comes to strengthening foundations against the forces of hurricanes: Invisibeam® carbon-kevlar strap reinforcement. InvisiBeam is a high-strength material that is exceptionally lightweight and has exceptional tensile strength.

At Blue Umbrella Waterproofing, we utilize cutting-edge carbon-kevlar straps for structural repairs to fortify foundation walls and prevent them from bowing or cracking under high winds and water saturation pressure.

I-beams: Stabilizing Your Foundation After the Storm

When the destructive forces of a hurricane cause your home’s walls to bow significantly, our expert team comes to the rescue with a proven solution: steel I-beams.

These robust I-beams act as a powerful reinforcement, securing the walls and preventing future bowing. Combined with other innovative products, our I-beams effectively strengthen your foundation, preventing further shifting, buckling, bowing, or tilting.

Foundation Repair Methods

Sealing Foundation Cracks & Preventing Water Intrusion

Foundation cracks are a common consequence of hurricane damage, and they can compromise the structural integrity of your property. At Blue Umbrella Waterproofing, we take pride in our meticulous wall crack repair process for New Jersey properties affected by hurricanes. 

Our experts follow a step-by-step approach: first, we clean the foundation walls thoroughly, eliminating any paint or materials left from previous repairs. Then, a precise groove is created along the crack. Next, we fill the crack with a robust hydraulic cement mixture.

We apply a commercial-grade epoxy and rubber coating to ensure a strong, long-lasting seal. Once all the materials dry and bond together, an impenetrable barrier is formed, safeguarding your home from further damage.

French Drains: Mitigating Flood Damage from Hurricanes

Blue Umbrella Waterproofing recommends installing French drains to address the issue of flooding and water accumulation around the foundation.

These drains are part of a complete basement waterproofing system that efficiently redirects water away from the foundation, reducing hydrostatic pressure and preventing moisture-related problems like mold growth and foundation settlement.

New Jersey’s Foundation Repair Experts

When it comes to protecting your property from hurricane damage and ensuring a stable foundation, partnering with experienced professionals is crucial. Blue Umbrella Waterproofing has a proven record of providing top-notch foundation repair and waterproofing services in New Jersey. 

Our team of experts understands the unique challenges posed by hurricanes and is equipped with the knowledge and tools to deliver the right solutions for your home.

The impact of hurricanes on foundations can be severe, and if left unaddressed, it can lead to costly repairs and compromised safety. New Jersey homeowners and property owners must be prepared for the potential damage caused by hurricanes and take proactive steps to strengthen their foundations. 

From carbon-kevlar fiber reinforcement to I-beams and wall crack repair, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing offers a comprehensive range of solutions to safeguard your property against the forces of nature.

Don’t Wait Till It’s Too Late

Remember, hurricane season is inevitable, but so is our commitment to protecting your property.

Please don’t wait until disaster strikes; reach out to Blue Umbrella Waterproofing today, and let us fortify your foundation to weather any storm that comes your way.

Remember, your foundation is the backbone of your home. Protect it with the right expertise, and contact Blue Umbrella Waterproofing today!

Steve Karlik

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