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Our Warranty

Someone You Can Trust

We always remain fully confident in our work. But should you ever experience a problem with your waterproofing system, you can always count on Blue Umbrella to make it right.

Your Lifetime Transferable Warranty

When you’re a Blue Umbrella customer, we will service any area of your home that was previously serviced using our waterproofing system. You are entitled to free replacement of all material and labor in previously waterproofed areas specified in the contract. In order for the warranty to remain valid, your system must have been properly maintained with no modifications or blockages to the system.

In the event you sell your home, the warranty is fully transferable to the new homeowner. As long as the waterproofing system is still in use, all terms and conditions of the warranty will apply to the new owner.

In addition to our warranty, click here to view manufacturer sump pump warranties.

At Blue Umbrella, we don’t disappear after the work is done. Contact us at any time to learn more about our warranty or to inquire about your waterproofing system.

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To schedule service or to request more warranty information, call Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.432.8858 or contact us online today.

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