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Reliable, Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

Think about your basement for a moment. Is it prime space you enjoy using, or a prime target for flooding and damage? Proper basement waterproofing in your NJ home can ensure it is the former.

You should never accept anything less than a perfectly dry basement. Whether you rely on your home's lower level for extra living space, an office, a home theater, or a game room, we'll help you get the most out of your basement without worrying about Mother Nature dampening your day (literally)! Our New Jersey waterproofing company specializes in repairing foundations, fixing damp crawl spaces, and waterproofing basements in Union County and across New Jersey.

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Waterproofing After Hurricane Ida

In the aftermath of hurricane Ida, Blue Umbrella was contacted by dozens of New Jersey homeowners and businesses dealing with water flooding their basements, which is exactly the issue this West Orange homeowner faced. Water had seeped into her basement through the cove joint where the basement floor meets the wall resulting in six inches of standing water.

To prevent this from ever happening again, Blue Umbrella installed a full interior French drain waterproofing system. The French drain collects any entering water and channels it a high-capacity sump pump supported by an emergency battery backup sump pump. The pumps remove the water from the basement and send it safely down a discharge line to the street. The next time this homeowner hears a heavy thunderstorm outside she can sleep soundly knowing that her basement is protected.

Completing a Partial System

Blue Umbrella was contacted by a Roselle Park, NJ homeowner to waterproof a home he had purchased a year ago that was suffering from basement water issues. The homeowner had previously lived in Roselle Park where at that time he had a different company waterproofing his basement, but he was disappointed by the inferior quality of the work and the poor customer service. So, this time around with his new home, he called Blue Umbrella instead.

Blue Umbrella installed a full interior basement waterproofing system with 4-inch perforated PVC drain tile and new sump pump basins equipped with high-powered sump pumps connected to an existing underground drainage pipe that efficiently funneled water away from the basement and down to the street. Additionally, a trench drain was added at the bottom of the driveway to preemptively catch and redirect any water that would otherwise run down the driveway towards the home and make its way into the basement. Since installation, the homeowner has not had any more basement water troubles, and can safely make use of the space.

Waterproofing a Finished Basement

Blue Umbrella was contacted by a Scotch Plains homeowner who had recently purchased his home from house flippers. The home came with a partially finished basement which seemed to be a nice selling point at the time, but the issue was that the sellers had not waterproofed the basement before finishing it, putting the home at risk of expensive water damage. To fix the issue, two feet of drywall had to be cut away and metal studs moved to allow for a new lifetime warrantied interior waterproofing system, complete with a battery backup sump pump. Now the basement has the necessary protection and can be properly finished.

Waterproofing a 1950s Cape Cod

Blue Umbrella was called to an Edison, NJ cape cod home built in the 1950s that had water pooling in the basement. To permanently fix the problem, a full interior basement waterproofing system was installed that runs around the entire perimeter of the basement and ties into a new Blue Angel sump pump with an emergency battery backup pump. Blue Umbrella helped bring this classic home up to date, keeping it safe and dry for years to come.

Waterproofing Before Finishing

A homeowner in Cranford, NJ was preparing to finish their basement but quickly ran into a problem. Water was seeping through the basement walls and making its way into the space causing mold growth and water damage. If the homeowner wanted to have a finished basement that would last, they first needed to have the basement properly waterproofed, so they gave Blue Umbrella a call.

To fix the problem and prevent any future water from entering the home, Blue Umbrella installed a full interior basement waterproofing system. First, weep holes were drilled in base of the basement walls. The weep holes directed water into a newly installed French drain that channeled the water to a sump basin equipped with a high-capacity sump pump. From there, any water was pumped out of the basement and drained safely away from the home. A battery backup sump pump was added so in case the power ever goes out the waterproofing system will still fully function.

With the new basement waterproofing system in place and some quick help from a mold remediation company to remove any of the existing mold in the space, the homeowner was ready to build out the finished basement they had so patiently been waiting for.

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Thanks to today's breakthrough techniques, you can reclaim the damp, unused space in your basement or crawl space. Union County's Blue Umbrella team has you covered for quality basement waterproofing services and industry-best guarantees.

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Meet with one of our basement waterproofing experts and receive a free inspection and estimate today.

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