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Crawl Space Waterproofing

New Jersey Crawl Space Waterproofing

If you have water or moisture problems in your crawl space, Blue Umbrella is your solution. We have decades of experience installing crawl space waterproofing systems across New Jersey. Our proven waterproofing solutions keep your crawl space dry and protected from mold and rot. So get your free inspection and estimate!


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Crawl Space Waterproofing in Central & Northern NJ and the Jersey Shore

Out of sight, out of mind. That generally seems to be the case with homeowners and their crawl spaces. But, despite being out of sight, your crawl space should not be out of mind. Your crawl space can become a haven for mold and rot without proper protection! But Blue Umbrella can prevent that from happening.

Our team of crawl space professionals serving homeowners and businesses in New Jersey provides proven crawl space waterproofing services. With quality products and top-notch workmanship, we guarantee that your crawl space stays dry and your home stays protected. So contact Blue Umbrella to get started waterproofing your crawl space today!

Have a Wet Crawl Space?

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What is Crawl Space Waterproofing?

Crawl space waterproofing is simply the process of installing a system that removes any water that enters your crawl space. It requires removing existing water, installing interior perimeter french drains, adding a sump pump, and placing an underground exterior discharge pipe. The completed system removes crawl space water that would otherwise lead to mold and rot. So that is what crawl space waterproofing is, but how did the water get into your crawl space in the first place?

How Did Water Get in the Crawl Space?

Water in the crawl space of your New Jersey home can come from a few different places. For example, melting snow can cause water to pool in your yard, which, if not appropriately graded, will lead the water right into your crawl space. Additionally, ineffective or missing gutters on your house result in rainwater accumulating around your home and entering the crawl space.

Finally, during heavy rainstorms, the soil around your home can become waterlogged, leading to water seeping through your crawl space walls. Whatever the source, the outcome of crawl space water is the same, mold growth and rot unless Blue Umbrella waterproofs your crawl space. But do you really need to worry about mold and rot in the crawl space? The answer is an emphatic yes! Read on to learn why.

Wet Crawl Space

Why Crawl Space Water is Such a Serious Problem

Mold Growth

Mold loves to grow in dark, damp, humid spaces, just like your crawl space. As mold grows in your crawl space, it releases tiny spores that travel up from the crawl space into the rest of your home. You and your family inhale the unseen spores as you breathe, which can induce asthma-like side effects like wheezing and coughing and even lead to you developing allergies.

Rot & Structural Damage

Rot is caused by fungal growth in damp wood. Wood begins to rot when it has 20% or higher moisture content and cannot dry out quickly. If water pools in your crawl space, the wooden floor joists that hold up your home will grow damp and begin to rot, destroying your home’s foundation! Rotting wood is responsible for around $17 billion of property damages in the United States annually. You don't want your home to become part of this statistic!

Decreased Home Value

No one wants to buy a house in New Jersey with structural damage, fungus, rotting wood, or poor air quality. So, any damage caused by crawl space water can quickly lower your home’s value, destroying your most valuable asset.

Waterproofing is the Solution

Wet crawl spaces cause mold and rot, which harm your home’s value and your family’s health. A wet crawl space is something thousands of homeowners in New Jersey deal with, but you don’t have to be one of them! Blue Umbrella protects your crawl space and home with complete crawl space waterproofing preventing mold and rot. Now that you know why you need crawl space waterproofing let's review the waterproofing process.

You Can Have a Clean, Dry, Protected Crawl Space

Crawl space waterproofing with Blue Umbrella keeps your crawl space dry and your home safe.

How to Waterproof Your Crawl Space

The crawl space waterproofing process is easy to understand but challenging to implement correctly. We recommend you have Blue Umbrella’s New Jersey crawl space professionals take care of your waterproofing. Here are the steps to ensure you always have a water-free crawl space.

Step 1: Clean the Crawl Space

Before installing a crawl space waterproofing system, you first need to clean the crawl space, remove any existing water, and, if there is mold build-up, have a mold remediation company remove it. You want a clean, solid, sound crawl space before moving forward.

Step 2: Install Interior French Drains

Next, a trench is dug into the dirt floor along the perimeter of the crawl space. The dirt floor is graded, sloping to one corner where a sum pump will be installed. For concrete crawl spaces, a perimeter trench is jackhammered out. Finally, a french drain is installed in the dug or jackhammered trench and is covered with stone. The installed french drain captures any water in the crawl space.

Step 3: Add a Crawl Space Sump Pump

A sump basin is dug into a corner of the crawl space, and a crawl space sump pump is installed. An additional sump basin and sump pump are added for large crawl spaces. Any water collected in the french drains travels to the sump pumps, which pump the water out of your crawl space. Blue Umbrella installs Zoeller sump pumps and Blue Angel by Wayne sump pumps. You can also add a crawl space battery backup sump pump to ensure your crawl space is protected even during a power outage.

Step 4: Put in Exterior Drainage Underground Discharge

The water pumped from your crawl space must be transported away from your home. So an underground discharge line is buried in your yard. The water pumped out is safely discharged into the street or at least 15 feet away from your home in your yard.

Step 5: Consider Encapsulation & Dehumidification

A complete crawl space waterproofing system in your keeps your crawl space free of water. But this doesn’t mean your crawl space is completely protected from all moisture! For example, moisture from humid outside air can still cause problems. So along with crawl space waterproofing, we recommend crawl space encapsulation.

Crawl space encapsulation involves closing off vents and installing a sealable crawl space door, laying down a thick vinyl vapor barrier along the crawl space floor and walls, and adding a crawl space dehumidifier. Crawl space encapsulation, in combination with crawl space waterproofing, provides complete protection for your home. The good news is that Blue Umbrella is also New Jersey's top crawl space encapsulation company.

How Much Does Crawl Space Waterproofing Cost?

You know the crawl space waterproofing process and why you need to waterproof your crawl space, but how much does this all cost? The cost to waterproof your crawl space depends on the size of your crawl space and how bad the water issues in your crawl space are. These factors determine the amount of material and the number of sump pumps needed to waterproof your crawl space correctly. Generally, New Jersey crawl space waterproofing starts at $39 a foot.

Waterproofing Maintenance Services

Once our waterproofing system is installed, your crawl space will be protected, but ensuring it remains permanently protected requires maintenance. As part of our crawl space maintenance services, Blue Umbrella visits your home to inspect your waterproofing system, checking that the sump pump is working at full capacity and that there are no clogs or buildups in the french drain. With proper maintenance, your Blue Umbrella crawl space waterproofing system will protect your home for years to come!

Keep Your Crawl Space Dry & Protected

The longer you wait to waterproof your crawl space, the more mold and rot damage will grow. Getting started quickly can save you from the additional stress and costs of later, more significant repairs. You need a trusted New Jersey crawl space waterproofing company, which is where Blue Umbrella comes in. 

Blue Umbrella has over 20 years of hands-on experience waterproofing crawl spaces throughout central and northern New Jersey. We provide professional crawl space waterproofing for residential and commercial applications. We have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses protect their property with expert, warrantied crawl space waterproofing services. Dedicated to quality work and top-notch customer service, you don’t need to look any further than Blue Umbrella for your crawl space services. Don’t wait. Call us today! 

To request a free estimate for crawl space sump pump installation, call Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.432.8858 or contact us online today.

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Steve and his guys did a wonderful job waterproofing our basement. Would highly recommend.

-Lesette Garcia

Just had our basement done by Blue Umbrella and we are so pleased! They were quick, clean, efficient and courteous. We highly recommend!

-Nadia Riley

Based on our experience, Blue Umbrella has many years of success ahead. Steve was responsive to our needs and followed up when we had questions.

-Maureen Hess

We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality work that Steve and his crew did.

-Brian Keady

The best around Jeff is the best. If you need waterproofing don't waste your time calling others call blue umbrella.

-William Buskirk


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