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Child Sponsorship

Blue Umbrella Sponsors Children in Bangladesh

Sponsoring Children's Education

Blue Umbrella Waterproofing is the top waterproofing company in New Jersey. Our mission extends beyond safeguarding your home. We also strive to give back, helping those in need. 

To fulfill this vision, we've collaborated with Shapla Foundation, an organization that empowers children through support and education in Bangladesh. 

We are excited to introduce Tahriya Akter Dola, an intelligent young girl whose potential deserves a chance to shine, and Nahid Hashan Tanvir, a wonderful young boy working diligently to continue his education.

Blue Umbrella NJ Child Charity

Meet Tahriya Akter Dola

Dola's journey began when her family relocated to Dhaka from their village a few months ago. A 12-year-old sixth-grader full of ambition, Dola wanted to continue her education in the city. However, life in Dhaka posed new challenges for Dola and her family.

Dola’s eldest brother's income from working at a shoe shop was insufficient for the family of six. Recognizing the limited opportunities in their village, Dola's father made the tough decision to move to Dhaka for a better life. Yet, the high cost of living in the city only adds to their struggles.

Despite her father's efforts in the fish trade, Dola's family struggles to meet their basic needs. However, Dola remains dedicated to education, even though financial difficulties continue to pose challenges.

Dola Blue Umbrella Sponsorship

Meet Nahid Hashan Tanvir

Tanvir comes from a family of three. His mother, Josna Begum, works in a garment factory for a very low wage. Sadly, his father left the family long ago, putting all the financial burden on Josna. 

Since then, his mother has been working hard to cover all the expenses for Tanvir and his brother. Tanvir's home and belongings were also burnt in a fire accident. Even facing all these challenges, Tanvir strongly desires to continue his education. 

Tanvir, Blue Umbrella Sponsorship

A Ray of Hope For Children in Need

On March 17, 2024, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing began sponsoring Dola and Tanvir through the Shapla Foundation. Our assistance includes fulfilling their educational requirements and providing vital life support, offering:

Educational supplies: Textbooks, notebooks, uniforms, and other resources to aid her academic progress.

Healthcare: Ensuring access to consistent medical care to maintain her health and facilitate her school attendance.

Blue Umbrella Child Sponsorship

Learn How You Can Sponsor a Child

Whether you're a business owner, an industry leader, or simply an individual who believes in the power of education, we encourage you to join Shapla Foundation to support other bright children like Dola and Tanvir. Remember, each donation holds the potential to create significant change. Visit the Shapla Foundation's website to explore their activities and find out how you can contribute.

Let's join hands to help grow future leaders, one child at a time.

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