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Union County, NJ Basement Waterproofing

Union County, NJ Basement Waterproofing Company

Your Local, Trusted Experts

For years, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing has been helping homeowners and businesses throughout the greater Union County, NJ area protect their property by offering reliable, warranted basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and basement foundation repair. You should never accept anything less than a perfectly dry, safe basement and we are here to help make sure that happens.

When you choose us as your Union County waterproofing company, you can count on:

You should be able to trust the work performed in your Union County home. We stand behind our work and lifetime warranties are provided for all waterproofed areas. You can rest safely, knowing that your home is protected. Reach out to us today to get a free inspection.

Does your home need waterproofing?

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Basement Waterproofing

Every home in Union County is unique. Each home requires a customized approach to waterproofing the basement and Blue Umbrella utilizes both interior and exterior waterproofing solutions. Your basement waterproofing may include:

Before we begin your Union County basement waterproofing project we perform a thorough inspection, considering your home's age, property grading, foundation depth and more. You can rest assured that we have an in-depth understanding of the exact challenges your home faces before we present the recommended solution to you.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing keeps your basement dry, but it also provides additional benefits.

  • Improved health and safety. Mold in the basement can lead to upper respiratory infections and allergy symptoms. Keeping your basement dry prevents mold growth.
  • Increased home value. If you plan to ever sell your Union County home realtors will inspect your home for water damage, which, if found, will lower the value of your home. Basement waterproofing helps protect your home's value.
  • More usable space. Once you waterproof your home you now have protected, usable space that you can turn into a private office, a theater room or living area.
  • Peace of mind. Basement waterproofing brings peace of mind. You can count your home being safe and protected in case of heavy rains.

Crawl Space Repair / Encapsulation

Although you rarely go into your crawlspace that doesn't mean you should ignore it. Crawlspaces not properly taken care often fall victim to humidity. As warm, wet air fills the space below your Union County home it can cause a whole host of problems including:

  • Mold growth, which can spread to the rest of your home with spores causing upper respiratory infections and allergy symptoms.
  • Damage to the home's foundation and structure.
  • A breeding ground for bugs, insects and rodents.

But, the good news is that not only can you prevent these problems, you can actually increase your home's overall value with proper crawl spacer repair and encapsulation.

How the Crawl Space Repair Process Works

Your home can't be separated from your crawl space, but you can separate it from the outdoors.

  1. The area is dried: The area needs to be cleaned and any water removed before installation takes place.
  2. Sump Pump Installation: A sump pump is installed to collect and pump out any future water from entering the crawl space. We also install a battery back-up sump pump to ensure the crawl space remains dry even during a power outage.
  3. Crawl Space Encapsulation: Highly durable, protective liner is laid on the floors and walls of the crawl space, and vent covers are installed, sealing off the area from the moisture, bugs and bad smells of the outdoors.
  4. Crawl Space Dehumidifier: Lastly a crawl space dehumidifier is installed to improve air quality and lower the humidity of the space, preventing mold growth.

It may seem like a lot of work, but Blue Umbrella Waterproofing will be taking care of the entire process for you. We only use high-quality, reliable products that we trust, so you can be confident your Union County home is properly protected for years to come.

Basement Foundation Repair

Waterproofing your basement is one thing, but making sure that it is structurally sound is another. Basement foundation problems can be caused by several factors, but you can get a good idea of some causes by inspecting the type of cracks that you see in the walls of your Union County home.

Vertical: As concrete shrinks it can crack and you will produce vertical cracks. These types of cracks don't represent a structural issue, but they can allow water to seep into your basement. We can help with crack repair and sealing solutions.

Horizontal: Horizontal cracks are caused by external pressure forcing your foundation walls to bow inward. Over time your weakened foundation will eventually collapse. Our experienced team can inspect your basement and recommend the right solution.

Stair Step: Stair step cracks mean that a foundation is settling and that the soils underneath your foundation are uneneven and are causing your home to rest unevenly. Stair step cracks indicate structural problems that should be examined by a trained professional.

Minimally Invasive Foundation Solutions

Every home in Union County is different, and depending upon the exact issue, we may recommend different solutions. For bowing basement walls we often recommend carbon reinforcement.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
Fiber strips are installed to counteract the pressure damaging your foundation's walls. Carbon fiber is much stronger than steel and helps prevent further foundation weakening. The strips are placed nearly flush with the wall and can be painted over. Installation is fast, minimally invasive and provide a smart investment, protecting your foundation over the long term.

Serving all Union County

We provide basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space encapsulation for homeowners and businesses throughout all of Union County. If you have a question, give us a call today.

Get a Free Inspection of Your Home

If you need basement waterproofing, crawl space repair or basement foundation repair in Union County, NJ, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing is your local expert. We offer quality services, using top-quality products, and providing industry-best guarantees.

Schedule a free inspection at your Union County home or business by calling 908.432.8858 or contact us online today.

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We used Blue Umbrella to put in French drains and a sump pump and had a fantastic experience. Tony did a great job explaining their methodology during the sales process and it was a no brained to move forward with them. They completed the work quickly and with the highest quality.

-Dan Hennes

Had an excellent experience with Blue Umbrella. Workers were very neat and professional. Would highly recommend.

-Barbara Buttelmann

Great service! On time, effective and appropriate pricing. The owner is in contact at all times, and offers clear and honest information about the work. The crew is very respectful and efficient. After about five estimates we chose them as they were very clear, honest and professional. 

-Angela Lis

Steve and Tony at Blue Umbrella were very knowledgeable and helpful with remediating the water we found in our basement. They were extremely honest, fair and thorough. We highly recommend this company.

-Ashley Pagelow

Steve and Tony at Blue Umbrella were very knowledgeable and helpful with remediating the water we found in our basement.

-Ashley Pagelow


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