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French Drain Installations

New Jersey French Drain Installation

Serving Union County & Beyond

Imagine driving down a city street that didn’t have storm drains. You’d be better off traveling by boat than by car!

Similar to storm drains, French drains are used to prevent flooding. But unlike storm drains found on city property, a French drain system is installed right inside your home.

As an experienced New Jersey waterproofing company, we’ve spent years installing French drains for customers across the state. If your basement or crawl space is prone to flooding, this proven method will keep your home dry without requiring major property disruption.

Do I Need a French Drain?

The best way to determine whether a French drain is right for you is by scheduling a free estimate with our team. We’ll take a close look at your property and use our experience to provide a professional, cost-effective recommendation.

As a starting point, you may want to consider having a French drain installed if these situations sound familiar:

  • Your basement or crawl space floods frequently.
  • Your current basement waterproofing system is not working properly.
  • You notice visible efflorescence (a flaky mineral salt that remains after water evaporates).
  • Musty smells linger in your basement or crawl space.
  • Water seepage occurs.
  • Family members suffer from allergies or get sick more often.
  • Cracks appear in basement or crawl space walls.
  • Downspouts overflow with heavy rainfall.
  • Water heaters and other appliances are rusting.
  • Walls are bowed or distorted.
  • Watermarks appear on basement walls.

Blue Umbrella French Drain Installation Process

When your home is well-situated and beautifully landscaped, you may be uneasy about starting a major drainage excavation project that interferes with lawns, plantings, driveways, patios and decks. As a solution, Blue Umbrella may recommend installing an interior French drain around your foundation's interior perimeter.

Using an established process, we work in phases to protect your belongings and install your system properly. Here are the steps we’ll take to install your French drain system:


Protect your personal belongings with plastic sheeting. We use negative air machines equipped with HEPA filters to reduce dust infiltration on the job site.
  2. Jackhammer a wide and deep trench next to the footing along the perimeter of your basement.
  3. Drill weep holes in each CMU block and mortar joint to relieve pressure and drain the walls.
  4. Install filtration fabric in the bottom of the trench.
  5. Install four-inch solid ADS triple wall perforated pipe around the perimeter of the basement. The pipe is pitched toward the sump pump and the sump pit.
  6. Place ¾-inch bluestone gravel on top of the perforated pipe to fill in the entire trench.
  7. Install poly drainage board onto the bottom of the CMU block and over the trench to redirect water from weep holes into the French drain system.
  8. Install vapor barrier on top of the crushed stone.
  9. Excavate and install one sump pit (lid also included).
  10. Install one new Zoeller sump pump, which comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty. Click here to learn more about our industry-leading sump pumps and warranties.
  11. Pipe the sump pump to your home's exterior using PVC piping. This helps water drain away from your foundation.
  12. Install cleanouts for the French drain system.
  13. Install high-strength concrete on top of the bluestone gravel.
  14. Remove all concrete and dirt from the job site for a clean finish.

Want to see our work in action? Click here to view photos of French drain installation in Union County, NJ and surrounding New Jersey communities.

Why Choose Blue Umbrella for NJ French Drain Installation?

Waterproofing your home offers a number of advantages, but the job can still be messy at times. Customers choose Blue Umbrella for French drain installations because we:

  • Use high-quality materials to ensure every solution is a long-lasting one.
  • Clean up after ourselves and treat your home with the utmost respect.
  • Bring decades of experience to every project.
  • Offer free estimates and a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

Say Goodbye to Flooding With Blue Umbrella

At Blue Umbrella, we kick water to the curb—literally! If you’re tired of living with flooding and water damage, we’ll help you reclaim your space with a reliable French drain system.

To request a free estimate for your home or business, contact Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.432.8858 or contact our team online today.

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