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Basement Seepage

Basement Seepage - Causes, Fixes, and How to Prevent It

Solutions Against Basement Water Seepage in New Jersey

Three things you never want to find in your basement - water, mold, and rot - issues that, if not fixed, will cause thousands of dollars of property damage to your home!

These three problems all share a common cause - basement water seepage. If you can fix your basement water seepage problems, you can keep water, mold, and rot out of your basement. But how do you permanently resolve these issues? That's where Blue Umbrella Waterproofing comes in.

We have decades of experience protecting homes and business properties across New Jersey. We use high-quality products and proven solutions to stop basement water seepage at the source and keep your basements safe, dry, and healthy. 

Whether you need new French drains and a sump pump or commercial property waterproofing, Blue Umbrella is the New Jersey waterproofing company that does the job right. We proudly stand by our work and provide a transferable lifetime warranty! Schedule your free inspection and estimate today.

Dealing With Basement Water?

Blue Umbrella is your solution. We provide proven, permanent expert waterproofing services for NJ residents.

What is the Difference Between Basement Water Seepage and Leaks?

Imagine you are the captain of a ship that is taking on water. You head below deck to find the source of the problem. If you could choose, would you prefer to find a rusty streak with water beads along the hull or a gash in the ship wall with water rushing in? 

Obviously, you would prefer the slow, beading water. But, you would also agree that, without repair, both problems will eventually lead to your ship sinking. Basement seepage vs. basement leaks is similar. 

Like the slow beading of water along a rusted ship hull, basement water seepage is the gradual intrusion of water into your basement through your basement walls or floors, typically due to hydrostatic pressure.

Basement water leaks from a burst pipe or leaking wall cracks are similar to a ruptured ship wall, with water pouring in. 

Whether you have basement water seepage or leaks, you must fix the problem to avoid your metaphorical ship ending up at the bottom of the ocean.

Over the top basement wall seepage

What Causes Water Seepage in My New Jersey Basement?

Hydrostatic pressure ranks among the most common causes of water seeping into the basements of many US homes. However, water can infiltrate your foundation through other means as well.

Hydrostatic Pressure: When water saturates the soil and reaches your foundation, all that weight against your foundation becomes a relentless force as the water tries to break through. That water then seeps through any pores, cracks, or cold joints that it finds.

Expansive Soils: Clay soils are like sponges. They eagerly absorb water and expand until they start pressing against your foundation. Any liquid water against your foundation will also get pushed into the concrete until it seeps through.

Frost Heave: During the winter, water in the soil freezes and expands. The expanding soil presses against your foundation, pushing any liquid water in the ground through your basement walls (water seepage).

Cove joint basement seepage

Where Does Basement Water Seepage Occur?

Here are the common locations where you'll encounter basement water seepage. 

Basement Wall & Floor Cracks: Any cracks in your basement walls or floor slab can allow water seepage.

Cavities Near Installed Pipes: As sewer lines and other plumbing are installed in your basement, they must pass through holes in your walls larger than the pipes. The additional space is typically filled with hydraulic cement, but that cement can deteriorate over time, creating pathways for water seepage.

Basement Cove: Lack of drainage can cause water to be forced into the foundation and seep into the basement through the basement cove, where the wall meets the floor.

Honeycombing: Incorrect concrete mixing can create hollow spaces and allow water seepage.

Over-the-Top Seepage: Water may leak through the juncture where the top of your basement wall meets the first floor. Over-the-top seepage can happen if the basement is below ground level or the grading is improper.

How To Stop Basement Water Seepage?

Many basement waterproofing solutions exist for homes and commercial properties in New Jersey. But not all solutions are made equal.

Ineffective, Short-Term Basement Seepage Solutions

Waterproof Paint: Although it creates a barrier against water seepage, waterproof paint fails to prevent concrete saturation and cannot withstand hydrostatic pressure—eventually, the paint cracks and peels, leading to water seepage.

Drylok Cement: Like waterproof paint, hydrostatic pressure poses the same issues for Drylok cement. It succumbs to hydrostatic pressure, eventually deteriorating and breaking apart. 

Another issue with these ineffective paints is that they allow mold growth. Our inspectors commonly see mold growing between the basement foundation wall and these types of paints.

You wouldn't try to fix a detached car bumper with scotch tape and classroom glue, so why would you waste your money on supposed quick waterproofing band-aid fixes for your home? It's too precious for that!

Basement waterproof paint

Reliable, Long-Term Solutions to Water Seepage in Your Basement

There are ways to reliably prevent basement water seepage from invading your New Jersey home. Let's walk through some of them.

Clean, Maintain, and Extend Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to water overflowing onto the ground next to your foundation. Make sure that your gutters are properly cleaned and maintained. Be sure to extend them if needed so that water is deposited far enough from your foundation that it can't seep into your basement. 

Improve Your Yard's Grading

Proper yard grading is crucial to guide rainwater away from your home. Ensure your yard slopes away from the foundation in all directions, dropping 2 to 3 inches per ten feet.

Interior Basement Waterproofing

For many states across the US, warm seasons bring heavy rain and high humidity. New Jersey is no exception. Blue Umbrella offers expert interior basement waterproofing services to help protect your NJ home. 

Interior waterproofing collects any water seeping into your basement and drains it to a sump pump, which then pumps the water up, out, and safely away from your home. 

We also add a basement dehumidifier to control interior humidity levels and prevent problems like mold growth, which can trigger allergies, asthma attacks, and even cause infections like Aspergillosis. 

We can also install a 14-mil thick Richtech Flexi-Seal Vapor Barrier to capture any moisture from the basement walls and guide it down to the drainage channel system before the water can cause problems in your home. The vapor barrier we use exceeds the ASTM E-1745 requirements.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing For New Jersey

An alternative is exterior waterproofing. Exterior basement waterproofing requires the excavation of the foundation, making it a good option for new construction projects (rather than existing homes). The waterproofing is installed against the exterior of your foundation walls during construction while they are still exposed.

Our high-quality exterior waterproofing system includes:

  • Sealant applied to the foundation exterior
  • Blue skin membrane to prevent water from reaching the concrete.
  • Drainage board to protect the blue skin membrane 

After installation, water in the soil surrounding your foundation never makes it to your foundation wall, let alone inside your foundation.

Kick Water Seepage to the Curb with Blue Umbrella Waterproofing!

With the proper measures taken and the right basement waterproofing system in place, not even sneaky basement water seepage can get through your foundation.

Contact Blue Umbrella today; we'll happily schedule you for a free inspection and a detailed estimate. Be sure to ask about our Umbrella Maintenance Plan and transferable lifetime warranty!

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