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Basement Water Problem Signs

Signs of Basement Water Problems in Your NJ Home

Learn About Common New Jersey Wet Basement Problems & How to Fix Them

When you think about water in the basement, you probably picture flooding from heavy rain or a burst pipe with significant and readily apparent water damage. But your basement doesn't need to be flooded to be damaged by water.

Most of the time, basement water damage is not the result of flooding and is not always easy to notice. Basement water and mold can hide under flooring, behind drywall, and in other out-of-sight areas.

But there are basement water damage signs that you can look for. If you see any of these signs, the sooner you get the problem addressed, the less time the damage has time to spread. Here are key basement water problems and damage signs that you need to keep an eye out for.

Signs of Basement Water Problems in New Jersey homes

Flooding >

Wet basement carpet in new jersey home

Wet Carpet >

Efflorescence on wall from basement water in New Jersey

Efflorescence >

Peeling and flaking paint from basement water in a new jersey home

Peeling Paint >

Basement wall cracks and crumbling concrete from water in basement of new jersey home

Cracks >

Musty smells in jersey basement

Musty Odor >

Mold in basement from basement water in New Jersey home

Mold & Mildew >

Wood rot in a new jersey basement

Wood Rot >

Insects in the basement of a New Jersey home because of basement humidity

Bugs & Pests >

Why Basement Water is a Problem

Water in the basement is a constant threat. Building materials in your basement, like wood, drywall, and even concrete, are porous and absorb water, leading to rotted wood, property damage, and a weakened foundation.

On top of that, a wet basement is a breeding ground for mold. The resulting mold spores can irritate and even cause allergies for you and your family. All of this is why it's crucial that you spot basement water problems early before there is severe damage.

Blue Umbrella Protects Your Basement

Employing an exterior basement waterproofing system is a great way to keep your basement dry and comfortable. It helps reduce moisture to combat mold and mildew and protects your belongings from flooding. When it comes to protecting what matters most, leave it to us! Blue Umbrella is New Jersey's trusted basement waterproofer.

Let us keep your basement dry

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Steve and his guys did a wonderful job waterproofing our basement. Would highly recommend.

-Lesette Garcia

Just had our basement done by Blue Umbrella and we are so pleased! They were quick, clean, efficient and courteous. We highly recommend!

-Nadia Riley

Based on our experience, Blue Umbrella has many years of success ahead. Steve was responsive to our needs and followed up when we had questions.

-Maureen Hess

We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality work that Steve and his crew did.

-Brian Keady

The best around Jeff is the best. If you need waterproofing don't waste your time calling others call blue umbrella.

-William Buskirk


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