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Bugs in the Basement

Why Do You Have Basement Bugs & How to Get Rid of Them

Basement Waterproofing & Dehumidification as a Solution to Basement Pests

Nothing seems to make your basement feel unclean, unsafe, and uncomfortable like discovering pests crawling everywhere. But, while bugs are a natural part of the environment, having them in your New Jersey basement doesn't have to be.

If you want to know why bugs are in your basement, what kind of bugs to watch out for, and most importantly, how to get rid of them, look no further. We'll break it all down here.

After reading through the page, call Blue Umbrella to get started fixing your basement bug woes. We have serviced thousands of basements in New Jersey with waterproofing, dehumidification, and foundation repair, all of which play a role in making your basement bug-free.

Dealing with Basement Bugs?

Blue Umbrella is New Jersey's solution. We provide proven, permanent basement waterproofing to keep bugs outside.

What Attracts Bugs to Your Basement?

To start, why are bugs attracted to your basement?

Bugs are attracted to damp, dark, and moist places to live. Does that sound like your basement? If so, unfortunately, it is precisely the kind of place that pests would love to call home. The darkness provides safety, and the moisture is a water source for the invading insects.

Additionally, if you use your basement for storage and have cardboard boxes or other organic materials in the basement, you're feeding your unwelcome guests. Insects feast on organic material – wood, cardboard, and plants.

You must keep your basement free of water and debris to discourage insects from becoming your roommates. But even that is not enough.

If you live in a state like New Jersey, the high humidity causes even more problems.

Basement Water Problems in New Jersey

Does Humidity in My Basement Attract Bugs?

Yes, humidity attracts bugs. Even with your air conditioning running, without a professional basement dehumidifier, the air in your New Jersey home has a high relative humidity (the air carries moisture).

When this warm, humid air comes in contact with your cool basement walls, it condenses, forming water droplets that run down your wall and pool on the floor, attracting bugs.

Even without condensation, basement air with high humidity attracts basement insects that can absorb the moisture from the air directly through their skin. The more humidity in your basement, the more bugs you will find. But how are bugs sneaking into your basement?

Basement Dehumidifier

How Are Bugs Getting In My Basement?

If you have a wet, high-humidity basement, bugs want to make your basement their home, but how are they getting in? However, they can. Bugs sneak into your basement through any opening they can find.

These openings include cracks in your foundation walls or floor, gaps in the sealing around your basement or egress windows, and excess space around any pipes that enter your basement. 

You need to seal off these openings and address these foundation cracks to keep the bugs at bay.

Sealing off any openings, waterproofing your basement, and installing a basement dehumidifier, lower your risk of basement bugs - but that also raises the question of what kind of bugs live in basements?

What Kinds of Bugs Live in Basements?

Recognizing common basement pests can help you identify problem causes that you need to address to evict these invaders.

Here are common bugs found in New Jersey basements:


Usually red or brown, cockroaches can grow up to an inch long. They have long, flat bodies and are primarily active at night. Cockroaches are infamous for carrying harmful diseases and pathogens. They enjoy places with poor sanitation and can enter homes through pipes, cracks, and underneath doors. Cleaning out any dirt, debris, or food sources can help keep cockroaches out.

Cockroaches in the basement


These subterranean bugs are often found in basements because they feast on structural wood. Any cracks or crevices in your foundation walls allow them to crawl in. Exposed basement wood or outside external siding gaps are critical places to check to identify termite infestations.

Termites in a New Jersey basement


Nocturnal and only half an inch long, silverfish can be hard to spot. They are small, thin, either gray or brown, and have long antennae. While they pose no threat to humans, they can damage and destroy paper goods, clothing and contaminate food. If you use your basement for storage, silverfish can be a big problem.

Silverfish bug in basement


Centipedes have hundreds of long legs and can quickly dart around rooms. They take cover in dark corners and eat smaller bugs in basements. You can eliminate centipedes if you can eliminate their food (other bugs).

Centipede in a New Jersey basement


While they also have hundreds of legs, millipedes are different than centipedes. They are slow-moving and will curl up if disturbed. They also require a lot of moisture and will congregate in wet areas. Keep your basement dry to keep these insects out. 

Millipede in the basement


Most homeowners discover crickets in their basements from the loud chirping noise they make. Crickets are black or brown and have long back legs to jump far and high. They often migrate indoors with changes in the weather, searching for damp, moist corners to hide. Well-lit, dry, and clean basements keep crickets at bay.

Cricket in NJ basement


Spiders are typically the first bug people think of when it comes to basement pests. They have eight legs and two body parts, like to hide in corners, and can vary in size depending on the type of spider. They enjoy basements for the damp, dark places and the food source (other bugs). If you can keep the other bugs out of your basement, the spiders will grow hungry and move out.

Spider in Basement

With an understanding of why bugs get into your basement and the most common critters to watch out for, now the most important part - how to put a stop to basement bugs.

How to Get Rid of Basement Bugs

Getting completely rid of an insect infestation isn't easy, but here are the steps to keep your basement bug-free.

  • Pest Control. A professional pest control service can eliminate current basement infestations. Each pest has its type of repellant, and a pest control service can craft the perfect cocktail to target your infestation. But getting rid of your current infestation does not prevent future infestations. You need to make some changes to your basement.
  • Clean Up Your Basement. Several bugs are attracted to dirty and unsanitary locations. Make sure your basement is clean. Vacuum and sweep it frequently. Dust up any bug dwellings you find. Make sure any food is sealed away. Remove any unused boxes or items.
  • Reduce Clutter and Storage. Bugs like cluttered, hidden places to call home. You remove these attractive hiding places by reducing clutter and random storage and exposing these areas to light.
  • Smart Storage Decisions. Avoid using cardboard boxes (bugs eat cardboard). Instead, use plastic bins and tightly sealed containers. 
  • Foundation Repair. Seal up any cracks or fractures in your foundation walls and basement floors. If you have old, compromised basement windows, replace them so that the window closes and seals properly.
  • Dehumidify Your Basement. Control the humidity in your New Jersey basement with a basement dehumidifier. Dehumidification removes moisture from the air and discourages bugs from sticking around.
  • Basement Waterproofing. Make sure your basement stays dry by having a basement waterproofing system installed. Keeping water out of your basement makes it less attractive to pests.

While you can take care of some of these things on your own, when it comes to basement waterproofing, dehumidification, and foundation repair, you need an experienced professional. You need Blue Umbrella.

French Drain Installed in New Jersey Home

Blue Umbrella Keeps Bugs Out of Your Basement

Blue Umbrella has provided basement waterproofing, basement dehumidifier installation, and foundation repair throughout New Jersey for decades.

Our interior and exterior waterproofing systems swiftly and efficiently remove any water that makes its way into your basement, and our battery backups keep your basement dry even during power outages. A dry basement means no moisture for bugs.

We install professional basement dehumidifiers to control your basement's humidity level - keeping it low enough to be unappealing to invading insects. And our foundation repair systems, including crack stitching, seal off cracks and gaps in your foundation, effectively closing entryways to unwanted pests.

With effective waterproofing, dehumidification, and foundation protection, you make your basement a space you can use but a space that bugs and pests avoid.

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Blue Umbrella has served thousands of customers in New Jersey just like you. Our satisfied customers and hundreds of positive reviews attest to the quality of our work. So, if you are dealing with chronic basement bug issues, let us put an end to the problem.

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