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Basement Battery Backup Sump Pumps


Have basement water or moisture problems? Get permanent protection with Blue Umbrella basement waterproofing & backup sump pumps.

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New Jersey Basement Battery-Backup Sump Pump Installation

Greater Union County, Central & Northern NJ’s Waterproofers

If a storm causes a power outage, your home is likely not protected from basement water! This is because your basement waterproofing system requires electricity to work. Without it, your basement will get wet. That is why you need Blue Umbrella to install a battery-backup sump pump. The battery backup pump provides protection even when your primary sump pump is not running during a blackout. Call Blue Umbrella for fast and dependable battery backup sump pump installation in New Jersey. We make sure your basement is always dry!

Dealing with Basement Water?

We provide free inspections and estimates. Reach out to us today to fix your wet basement issues.

Do You Need A Battery Backup Pump?

Yes, you do. You are left little protection and minimal time to act when your primary sump pump fails to activate due to power outages. Backup basement water protection can save you from spending thousands of dollars repairing your flooded basement.

On top of providing security during power outages, your battery backup pump adds additional pumping capacity to your current system, which can come in handy during extreme rain storms. Adding a battery backup sump pump to the basement waterproofing system in your New Jersey home provides you value, safety, and peace of mind.

How to Install a Battery Backup Pump

Installing a basement battery backup sump pump in your home requires you to follow every step exactly to ensure your waterproofing system works correctly. Here are the steps.

  1. If you have a primary sump pump, disconnect it from power and remove it from the sump pit. 
  2. Clean out the sump pit and drain any water from the outlet pipe.
  3. Determine the best position of the battery sump pump and primary pump in the sump pit. You may need to expand your sump pit to make room for both pumps.
  4. Cut the existing discharge pipe about one foot above the floor and attach a check valve, making sure it is facing the right direction. 
  5. Cut a portion of PVC pipe that will securely fit between the sump pumps and check valve. Some systems have the primary and backup pump directly connected to the same discharge pipe. In other systems, you will have a separate pipe from the battery backup pump that connects to the main discharge pipe of the primary pump.
  6. Put together the operation float assembly of your battery backup pump and install the float switch. 
  7. Install the float switch bracket above the "on" level of the primary pump using the provided clamp, ensuring the clamp is tight on the pipe to avoid slippage.
  8. Place your primary pumps and battery backup pump into the sump pit, connecting your measured PVC pipe from the pumps up to the bottom of the check valve attached to the rest of the discharge line. 
  9. Wire the controller to the battery terminals. Positive (+) lead to the positive terminal and black neg. (-) lead to the negative battery terminal. 
  10. Connect the electrical plugs for the battery backup pump, operational switch, and power supply into the appropriate slots on the controller. Power up the charger and ensure it is not plugged into the same circuit as the primary sump pump. 
  11. Mount the charger, and clean up the surrounding wiring to securely close the battery box. 
  12. Test your battery backup sump pump to verify connections and smooth operation.
  13. Reconnect power to the primary sump pump.

If that seems like a lot, don't worry. Give Blue Umbrella a call, and one of our New Jersey basement waterproofing experts will visit your home to install your battery backup sump pump for you.

How Much Does a Battery Backup Sump Pump Cost?

The price of the battery backup sump pump for your home will depend on a few different things.

Pump size

The size of your battery backup sump pump, measured by gallons pumped per hour, affects the price. Lower capacity pumps (1,000 gallons an hour or less) cost less than higher capacity pumps (2,200 gallons or more. The size of your basement and the water issues you are dealing with will determine the pump size you need.

Type of Battery

The type of battery in your battery backup pump will also impact its price. There are typically two options. If you buy a battery backup pump from a big box store, in rare cases, the pump may come with a standard 12-volt lead-acid battery. Though these batteries are cheaper, they have short lifespans, making them insufficient for protecting your basement.

Blue Umbrella only uses deep-cycle, lead-acid (marine) batteries, which have long run cycles, and do not fail in humid environments. Deep-cycle batteries are the only kind you want to use in your basement waterproofing system.

What’s included

If you are attempting a DIY installation, your battery backup pump price varies based on what is included. While you would hope that your pump would come with everything you need to install it, the pumps you see at local hardware stores often don't include all the necessary accessories.

That means you have to buy all the parts separately on your own, making the final price a bit of a guessing game. With Blue Umbrella, you get one set price for the battery backup pump, all the needed parts, and complete installation.


You can either have your backup sump pump professionally installed or install it yourself. Installing your battery backup sump pump yourself is undoubtedly the cheaper option.

But, if you incorrectly install the battery backup pump, the costs of fixing a wet basement will be much higher than what you saved with a DIY solution. We recommend having an experienced waterproofing professional install the battery backup pump in your NJ home.


There are many brands of battery backup sump pumps. The cheaper options often don't come with a warranty. If the pump has any problems, you are on your own.

Blue Umbrella only installs either Zoeller or Blue Angel by Wayne battery back sump pumps, which have been thoroughly tested and come with warranties. These warrantied pumps are more expensive than cheaper pumps, but again, the warrantied pumps are much less expensive than the cost of fixing a wet basement when a cheap pump fails.

Zoeller & Blue Angel by Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Blue Umbrella installs Zoeller® products because they are among the industry's most reliable, efficient sump pumps. For even greater protection for your home, Blue Umbrella uses Blue Angel by Wayne pumps.

Zoeller Backup Sump Pumps

Zoeller’s cast-iron basement backup sump pumps have been trusted for years in hundreds of thousands of homes across New Jersey and the United States. Blue Umbrella recommends the Zoeller ProPack98 Spin for new basement waterproofing projects, which includes a primary and backup sump pump. The ½ horsepower cast iron primary pump with a vertical float switch and an integrated check valve can pump 2,340 gallons per hour and is supported by a self-contained, 10-AMP battery charger and control box for battery backup installation. In addition, the Zoeller ProPack98 Spin comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

If you already have a primary sump pump in your basement, Blue Umbrella installs the Zoeller Basement Sentry® 507 Battery Backup Pump. The added battery backup, when fully charged, provides 7-½ hours of continuous pumping. In addition, the battery backup unit has a high water alarm to notify homeowners. The alarm also goes off if the primary pump stops working from damage or if the circuit trips. In a power outage, the backup sump pumps engage automatically, ensuring your basement stays safe. The system comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Blue Angel by Wayne Backup Sump Pumps

We use Blue Angel by Wayne sump pumps if your basement has more intense basement water issues or you want to go the extra mile to ensure your basement is always protected. Blue Umbrella has installed Blue Umbrella backup sump pumps for hundreds of New Jersey homeowners and businesses. The Blue Angel F50SSN is a combination cast-iron primary and backup pump designed for quiet, efficient, and reliable operation, capable of pumping 85 gallons per minute. The primary pump has been tested to one million cycles of turning on and pumping out water. The primary and backup pumps are cast-iron with top suction intake to minimize clogging and come with a 3-year limited warranty. 

Blue Umbrella also installs the Blue Angel F12V battery backup sump pump to supplement the primary sump pump in existing waterproofing systems. The cast-iron fully submersible backup pump, with a protective battery case, has an audible alarm to let you know if there is an issue with the system. On top of that, the battery backup protects your basement with nine hours of pumping power when the electricity goes out. The F12V battery backup pump comes with an unsurpassed 3-year warranty.

Protect Your Basement From Water Even During Power Outages

A basement waterproofing system is the first step to keeping your basement safe and dry. Still, you need a battery backup sump pump to protect your home even during power outages. Waiting for your energy company to restore power while you watch water spread across your basement floor, damaging your property, is an experience you never want to go through, and you don't have to. Blue Umbrella can protect your basement and save you the thousands of dollars of repair work that water and mold damage can bring by installing a battery sump pump in your New Jersey home!

To request a free estimate for basement battery backup sump pump installation, call Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.432.8858 or connect with us online today.

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