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Foundation Damage Problem Signs

New Jersey Foundation Damage Problem Signs

Common Signs of Foundation Issues in NJ

If you walk down the stairs to your basement and see water on the floor, your day is ruined because you know that basement water can ruin personal belongings, finished basements, and even your family's health if mold grows.

You need to keep water out of your basement. That's where Blue Umbrella comes in. We have provided basement water protection for hundreds of homeowners and business owners throughout New Jersey for years. From interior french drains and sump pumps to exterior foundation sealing and drainage and everything in between, Blue Umbrella is your trusted New Jersey basement waterproofing company to permanently resolve your basement water issues.

Reach out to us today to get started fixing your basement water problems. We are New Jersey's basement water solution - so schedule your free basement water inspection and waterproofing estimate.

Solutions to NJ Foundation Damage

Free inspections, quotes, and warranties, reliable waterproofing makes us your go-to expert.

Foundation Damage Problem Signs You Need to Watch Out For

Every New Jersey home we work on is unique and faces a unique set of basement water challenges, which means that Blue Umbrella creates customized basement waterproofing solutions. We may use the different basement waterproofing solutions discussed below to fix your basement water problems.

Water in the Basement

Interior basement waterproofing captures any entering basement water in a French drain and channels the water to a sump pump, which pumps the water up and safely away from your home, keeping your basement dry.


Basement flooding in New Jersey

Basement Flooding

Exterior waterproofing keeps water out of your basement by adding a sealant and membrane to the exterior of our foundation walls. The sealant prevents water from seeping through your basement wall.

Wet drywall in New Jersey

Wet Basement Drywall

Blue Umbrella helps with both residential and commercial waterproofing projects in New Jersey. We provide reliable waterproofing for apartment buildings, storage units, government buildings, and more.

Wet basement carpet in New Jersey

Wet Basement Carpet

New building construction is the perfect opportunity to waterproof your foundation before you ever face water issues. We recommend a combination of exterior and interior waterproofing for reliable protection.

Efflorescence in a New Jersey basement


Part of interior basement waterproofing is installing a French drain along the interior perimeter of your basement wall. Hidden below the floor, the French drain captures any basement water and transports it to a sump pump.

Basement wall paint cracking and peeling because of basement water in New Jersey

Flaking, Peeling Paint

Basement sump pumps are a vital part of basement waterproofing in your New Jersey home. We use premium Blue Angel by Wayne sump pumps to guarantee reliable performance, pumping any water out of your basement.

Cracked and crumbling basement walls because of basement water

Cracked, Crumbling Walls

During power outages, your default sump pump won't have the electricity to function. But your battery-backup sump pump will still be fully functional, keeping your basement protected until the power comes back.

Musty smells in a New Jersey basement

Damp & Musty Smells

A specialized dehumidifier in your New Jersey home's basement keeps the humidity low enough to prevent condensation and moisture buildup. It helps keep your basement free of mold, rot, and foundation damage.

Mold & Mildew

The basement vapor barrier on your basement walls contains any moisture that seeps through them, directing it down to the french drain of your New Jersey basement waterproofing system, where it can be dealt with.


Foundation rot in a New Jersey basement

Wood Rot

When you remove water from your basement, you need somewhere to put it. An exterior drainage system transports any removed water safely down to the street or at least 15 feet away from your foundation out a bubbler pot.

Bugs in the basement of a New Jersey home

Bug in the Basement

Any water pumped out by your sump pump travels through a discharge line, but this discharge line can freeze in winter. Discharge line protection allows any basement water to be expelled safely, even during freezing temperatures.

Foundation Damage Protection

If you live in New Jersey and you have basement water, you need basement water solutions - and the place to go for permanent basement waterproofing is Blue Umbrella. Call us today for a free estimate for warrantied waterproofing solutions. Ready to have a dry basement again?

Keeping Your Foundation Strong

If you have basement water, don't wait to fix the issue. Call us for a free inspection and estimate.

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Steve and his guys did a wonderful job waterproofing our basement. Would highly recommend.

-Lesette Garcia

Just had our basement done by Blue Umbrella and we are so pleased! They were quick, clean, efficient and courteous. We highly recommend!

-Nadia Riley

Based on our experience, Blue Umbrella has many years of success ahead. Steve was responsive to our needs and followed up when we had questions.

-Maureen Hess

We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality work that Steve and his crew did.

-Brian Keady

The best around Jeff is the best. If you need waterproofing don't waste your time calling others call blue umbrella.

-William Buskirk


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