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Crawl Space Battery Backup Sump Pumps


Have crawl space water, mold, or rot? Get permanent protection with Blue Umbrella crawl space waterproofing.

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New Jersey Crawl Space Battery-Backup Sump Pump Installation

Greater Union County, Central & Northern NJ’s Crawl Space Company

It's not likely that you think about your crawl space often, let alone the moisture condition of your crawl space. But a wet crawl space can lead to severe water damage that will undoubtedly make you think about your crawl space too often! Blue Umbrella is here to prevent that from happening.

With years of experience and hundreds of happy customers, we service central and northern New Jersey with the highest-quality crawl space waterproofing. Part of proper crawl space waterproofing includes installing a battery backup sump pump, ensuring that your home and your family are always protected. So give us a call today for your free crawl space inspection and backup sump pump installation quote.

Have Crawl Space Water?

We provide free inspections and estimates. Reach out to us today to fix your wet crawl space issues.

Why Waterproof Your Crawl Space?

There are several ways water and moisture can find their way into the crawl space of your New Jersey home. One of the most common sources of crawl space moisture is leaking pipes or improperly routed gutters. But it's not just leaking water that can be problematic. Any moisture can lead to disaster! From humidity to evaporation to even wet dirt, here are some of the methods moisture may find its way into your crawl space:

  • Broken, misrouted, or undersized rain gutters
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Leaky windows or vents
  • Humidity, leading to condensation
  • Improper yard drainage
  • Melted snow or rainwater
  • Moisture in the dirt

But why does crawl space water and moisture matter? Pooled water and moist air in your crawl space inevitably cause rot in the wood joists and supports of the floor above the crawl space, leading to their eventual collapse. In addition, high humidity in the crawl space leads to mold, which can produce spores that irritate and even cause allergies for homeowners. That is why it's so important to properly waterproof your crawl space, including installing a battery backup sump pump.

New Jersey Water Damaged Crawl Space Repair

Do You Need a Crawl Space Battery Backup Sump Pump?

To put it simply, yes! Everyone with a crawl space should install a battery backup pump as part of their waterproofing plan. While your primary sump pump is wired directly to your home's electrical system, a battery backup pump is just that — it runs on battery. So if a power outage ever causes your primary pump to stop working, you can have the peace of mind that your battery backup pump is still keeping your crawl space safe and dry.

A battery backup pump offer many benefits, but not every battery backup sump pump is built equally. Blue Umbrella only installs the highest quality sump pumps to protect your New Jersey home.

Zoeller & Blue Angel by Wayne Crawl Space Battery Backup Sump Pumps

There are two sump pump brands Blue Umbrella proudly stands by: Zoeller and Blue Angel by Wayne. Zoeller is one of the industry's most reliable choices and enough for most New Jersey homeowners. Blue Angel offers additional protection and is the dependable, unparalleled backup sump pump for severe crawl space conditions. Which option is best for your crawl space depends on the water issues you face.

Since every home and building is unique, we provide free crawl space inspections to create customized waterproofing plans. These customized plans include our recommendation of a backup sump pump most appropriate for your home.

Zoeller Backup Sump Pumps

Zoeller sump pumps are reliable, trusted products installed in homes and buildings not only in New Jersey but across the entire United States. Zoeller pumps are made of corrosion-resistant cast iron and powder coated in an epoxy finish, making them water and dirt-resistant, ensuring dependable functionality. Our preferred model is the  Zoeller Crawl Space Sentry 507 Battery Backup Pump

This pump can provide up to 7 ½ hours of continuous pumping with a fully charged battery. In addition, each pump comes equipped with an alarm to notify you if the primary pump has failed, if there is damage to the backup or if there has been a power circuit trip. In the case of a power outage, your battery backup pump engages automatically. 

Blue Angel by Wayne Backup Sump Pumps

Blue Angel sumps pumps are top of line units with unmatched capabilities. These cast-iron casted pumps are professional grade, submersible, and capable of pumping 70 gallons per minute — all with quiet performance.

Blue Umbrella installs the Blue Angel F12V battery backup sump pump to support your primary crawl space sump pump. The F12V will provide maximum reliability and comes with a protective battery case, an audible alarm, and a 3-year warranty. So if you have severe crawl space water issues or want to go the extra mile, Blue Angel by Wayne is the backup sump pump for you.

How Much Does a Crawl Space Battery Backup Sump Pump Cost?

The price of battery backup sump pump installation in your crawl space will depend primarily on the size of your crawl space in your New Jersey home and the severity of the water issues. With larger crawl spaces or more intense water problems, we may recommend installing a higher-capacity sump pump or even two sump pumps on opposite ends of the crawl space. 

While a higher-capacity sump pump or second pump costs more upfront, avoiding the expensive costs of water damage repair makes the better pump, the safer, lower-cost option. Our crawl space experts will sit with you to help you choose the right backup sump pump and provide a complete installation quote.

Ready to Install Your Crawl Space Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Ignoring your crawl space water issues can lead to damage, stress, and unnecessary expenses. But with a professionally installed backup sump pump as part of a complete crawl space waterproofing solution, you won't have to worry! With a battery backup pump, you can rest easily during storms, outages, and other emergencies. 

Blue Umbrella is your trusted battery backup sump pump installer in central and northern New Jersey. We provide expert sump pump installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties. Reach out to us today for a free inspection and estimate, and become one of our hundreds of satisfied customers. We look forward to meeting you!

Ready to Install Your Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Keep your NJ home protected by contacting us today to schedule a free inspection of your crawl space.

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Steve and his guys did a wonderful job waterproofing our basement. Would highly recommend.

-Lesette Garcia

Just had our basement done by Blue Umbrella and we are so pleased! They were quick, clean, efficient and courteous. We highly recommend!

-Nadia Riley

Based on our experience, Blue Umbrella has many years of success ahead. Steve was responsive to our needs and followed up when we had questions.

-Maureen Hess

We couldn't be more satisfied with the quality work that Steve and his crew did.

-Brian Keady

The best around Jeff is the best. If you need waterproofing don't waste your time calling others call blue umbrella.

-William Buskirk


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