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Blue Umbrella Waterproofing 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Supporting A Love of Learning

Blue Umbrella is pleased to announce the three recipients of 2023’s Blue Umbrella Waterproofing & Foundations Scholarship Fund. The annual scholarship fund awards $1,500, broken up into $500 awards, to three students pursuing post-secondary education.

Blue Umbrella’s success is built upon the talent and dedication of our team, who are dedicated to continuously learning the newest methods and practices to ensure the highest-quality waterproofing and foundation repair work for our customers across New Jersey. Inspired by our teams’ dedication to lifelong learning, we established the scholarship fund to support future generations in their own educational pursuits.

This year, the three recipients who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to learning are Gaurav Aggarwal, Angie Robles, and Hunter Enders.

Gaurav Aggarwal

Gaurav is a Master’s student studying Engineering Management at Rutger’s University.

He is pursuing a graduate degree to prepare him for a career leading an engineering team.

He hopes to be a well-rounded technical, empathetic, and business-oriented manager, leading teams to develop new engineering solutions to solve complex and challenging problems.

Gaurav Aggarwall Blue Umbrella Scholarship Winner

Angie Robles

Angie is a student at North Park University studying Accounting and Business Management.

She will use her acquired knowledge of managing finances, making informed decisions, and overseeing company operations to build a business from the ground up.

She plans to run her own farm and use her position as a business owner to give employment opportunities to low-income families.

Angie Robles - Blue Umbrella Scholarship recipient

Hunter Enders

Hunter is an undergraduate student studying computer engineering. Growing up in a rural community, Hunter never had a home computer, and opportunities to learn computing were limited. But his love of computer engineering led him to pursue his degree in the area.

He hopes to design more powerful and affordable computer hardware to provide better access to families living in remote, rural areas. Additionally, he wants to develop technology for the medical field that can produce more comfortable, affordable, and effective patient experiences.

Hunter Enders Blue Umbrella Scholarship Recipient

Congratulation to Gaurav, Angie, and Hunter, and best wishes as you pursue your education. Additionally, thank you to all individuals who applied for the scholarship. While Gaurav, Angie, and Hunter were this year’s winners, there were many impressive applications.

Come next year; we encourage all students to apply for the 2024 scholarship. The application deadline is May 15, 2024.

Apply Here for Next Year >>

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