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Five Reasons to Waterproof Your NJ Home in the Fall

Waterproofing nj fall

Time to Rake in the Benefits

If there’s one thing New Jersey saw plenty of this summer, it’s rain.

According to NJ state climatologist Dave Robinson, over the past month and a half, parts of the state were hit with up to three times more rain than normal.

Wet summers like these can wreak havoc on basements that are already damaged. If your basement floods or you’ve noticed other issues such as wall cracks, musty smells and bowed walls, consider partnering with your local waterproofing company in Union County, NJ, to protect your basement this fall.

The Autumn Weather Is on Your Side

New Jersey falls are typically mild in nature. This time of year offers a window of opportunity to address the issues in your basement and prevent future damage. Here are some reasons why fall is a smart time to waterproof your home.

  1. Fall is typically the driest season in New Jersey. Rain can cause existing wall cracks to leak. If a contractor tries to seal a leaking wall crack with epoxy crack injections, the epoxy resin won’t stick to the wet surface and the crack will continue to leak. Since fall is typically the driest season in New Jersey, it will be easier for your contractor to work quickly and efficiently.
  2.  Exterior waterproofing is much more challenging during the winter. When the ground hardens during the winter, exterior waterproofing becomes much more difficult. Frost can also damage the solvent coatings that are needed to properly coat and waterproof a foundation in the winter. If your basement has already been finished and your contractor recommends exterior waterproofing as the most strategic approach, this type of work should always be done before the cold kicks in.
  3. You’ll want to waterproof before the next round of melting snow, spring showers and summer rainstorms. Between winter blizzards and summer storms, New Jersey gets its fair share of precipitation. Fall is a good time to waterproof because the weather is more mild compared to the other seasons that lie ahead.
  4. You can take care of business before the holiday rush. When there are Black Friday sales to catch and holiday parties to host, you aren’t thinking about waterproofing your home. Consider requesting an estimate from your local waterproofing company while there’s some extra room in your schedule.
  5. Waterproofing professionals are more available! Many homeowners don’t waterproof their homes until they’ve got serious situations on their hands. These emergency calls typically start once the snow thaws and continue through the summer. If you already know that there’s a problem in your basement, Blue Umbrella has you covered. We offer free estimates to our customers and zero pressure to waterproof. We’ve never appreciated pushy sales tactics in our own lives—and we won’t use them on you!

Get Back to Business With Blue Umbrella Waterproofing

Now that the kids are back in school, you can tackle your to-do list before the holiday season. If you’ve been meaning to have a professional look at your leaky basement, fall is a smart time to reassess your home and prevent future flooding with our basement waterproofing services in Bergen County, NJ, Westfield, NJ, and throughout our service area.

To request your free estimate or to learn more about our services, call Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.432.8858 or contact us online today.

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