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NJ Spring Storms Bring Basement Waterproofing

Go on the Offensive With an Interior French Drain

While NJ spring rains mark the start of a vibrant growing season, those April and May storms come at a price. Spring precipitation and hailstorms can strike quickly: deluging your yard, crawl space and basement with water and putting your home and health at risk. Blue Umbrella partners with residents in Union County and beyond to develop French drains and moisture management systems that keep homes safe and families dry.

What Is a French Drain?

At their most basic, French drains are trenches filled with rock designed to direct water away from a designated area. While they may have originated in France, these systems caught on in the U.S. after Massachusetts lawyer Henry Flagg French popularized their use in a farming trade publication. Early French drains were built with stacked roofing tiles that formed a crude, perforated pipe, which led them to be called “drain tile systems.”

Exterior vs. Interior French Drains

Some basement waterproofers advocate for installation of an exterior French drain system, which is installed along the outskirts of your home’s foundation. These costly systems often require demolition of decks, patios or driveways, along with dirt excavation, landscape disturbance and vegetation removal. Once the drain is in place, homeowners may need to hire specialty contractors to replace soil and restore landscape and hardscape elements.

At Blue Umbrella Waterproofing, Steve Karlik and his team recommend interior French drains. These cost-effective pressure-relief systems are ideal when hydrostatic pressure below your New Jersey foundation forces water into the basement through joints and cracks. Interior French drains are installed along leaking walls or around the perimeter of your crawl space or basement, allowing our team to avoid costly yard damage and property excavation. As water collects in the interior drain tile system, it can also be funneled to a sump pump that discharges it away from your home’s foundation.

Installing an Interior French Drain

In short, Blue Umbrella interior French drains systems are installed by:

  1. Removing a portion of concrete around the perimeter of your crawl space or basement (or along leaking walls).
  2. Digging a trench to the base of your home’s foundation footings.
  3. Filling the trench bottom with gravel and placing a perforated plastic pipe on top.
  4. Installing a cleanout for the French drain system and connecting pipes to your sump basin.
  5. Filling the remainder of the trench with washed gravel and replacing the concrete floor.

Benefits of Interior French Drains for Water Management

Today’s interior French drains, also known as interior basement waterproofing systems, drain tile systems, pressure-relief systems or water management systems, are a proven way to prevent basement flooding. Advantages to this type of drain include:

  • Affordability. Interior pressure-relief systems are far cheaper than exterior French drains.
  • Ease of maintenance. Interior drain tile systems require little maintenance, other than removing occasional clogs with a sewer snake.
  • Excavation-free design. Blue Umbrella French drains are installed without damage to your home’s landscaping or hardscape.
  • Fast installation. French drain installation is a relatively simple process with expedited installation. Your new waterproofing system will be ready to go in just a few days!
  • Improved indoor air quality. Excess moisture in your basement opens your family up to allergies, asthma and respiratory distress. French drains prevent water from entering your home and contaminating the air.

New Jersey Sump Pump Specialists

As experts in Union County French drain and basement waterproofing installation, Blue Umbrella often recommends sump pumps to integrate with your moisture management system. French drains promote drainage by creating a space for the release of hydrostatic pressure caused by a rising water table. Sump pumps take collected water and move it away from your home, ensuring your basement stays dry during the worst spring storms. Blue Umbrella-installed sump pumps are high-performance devices with industry-leading warranties, and they deliver peace of mind for years to come.

Blue Umbrella Delivers Ultimate Home Protection

For many New Jersey homeowners, spring precipitation brings fear of basement seepage, water damage, mold growth and interior flooding. Waterproofing your NJ home during late spring is a smart way to safeguard it from harsh NJ storms and improve indoor air quality. Blue Umbrella French drainsand waterproofing systems are built from high-quality materials and come with our comprehensive lifetime warranty.

While our Union County waterproofers do not install exterior French drains, we can redirect your gutter/leader pipes away from the house to encourage proper exterior drainage. Ask about our interior and exterior waterproofing services or schedule a free estimate to learn more about the best solution for your home. Before you pay a dime, we assess your water problem and recommend the most affordable, durable waterproofing options on the market. Dial 908.432.8858, or connect with Blue Umbrella online today!

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