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What to Know When Hiring a NJ Waterproofing Contractor

Finding the Best Basement Waterproofing Company

Water problems are a messy, smelly hassle—and they could put your health at risk. When there’s standing water in your basement, foundation walls are bowed or your crawl space is damp and musty, it’s time to call a New Jersey waterproofing expert. The longer you wait to tackle basement water problems and foundation repairs, the more likely you’ll be stuck with toxic mold growth, costly water damage or a structural catastrophe that leaves you scrambling.

You know you need someone FAST, but choosing a Union County waterproofer can be tricky! Who can you trust? How can you tell the difference between an honest, ethical business and a fly-by-night company? Will your contractor get the job done right—the first time? Will they be there when you need them most—or take the money and run? Everyone has a home contractor horror story (or two). Can it really be that hard to find a waterproofer you can trust?

Tips for Choosing the Best Union County Waterproofing Company

Waterproofing is a complex process that’s best left to a specialist. Before you hire a contractor, do your homework. It pays to thoroughly vet prospective companies before hiring. Choosing the most qualified contractor is the best way to stay on budget, stick to a schedule—and keep your sanity.

Keep these top-five tips in mind when choosing the best NJ waterproofer for your job:

  1. Start with people you trust. Your network of friends, family and neighbors is one of the most reliable places to find contractor referrals. Chances are, you’ll know someone who has dealt with a similar home repair or renovation project. Reach out to friends personally, post a quick inquiry on Facebook or ask around the neighborhood. If you know general contractors or other tradesmen, ask them for recommendations, too.
  2. Consider a contractor’s online reputation. High Google ratings are a positive sign. Once you’ve selected a few candidates, browse their reviews to see if customers had similar positive (or negative) experiences. Remember, though, reading reviews is not a substitute for personally checking a company’s references.
  3. Insist on experience. Unlike fly-by-night companies that prey on homeowner disasters, a qualified contractor should have years of experience and plenty of references. Some of the best waterproofers are second- or third-generation contractors who have seen just about everything. As you narrow your search, obtain references and ask them questions like these:
    1. Was the company courteous and professional?
    2. Did contractors arrive promptly and work efficiently?
    3. Was the project completed on time and on budget?
    4. Were you satisfied with the work?
    5. Would you use them again?
  4. Ask about licenses & insurance. Qualified waterproofing contractors are required by the State to have a NJ home-improvement contractor license. Companies should also carry comprehensive insurance policies that protect homeowners when unforeseen injuries, property damage or job-site problems occur. Contractors may also be affiliated with organizations committed to industry innovation and high professional standards. For example, Blue Umbrella is a proud member of the Basement Health Association, which advocates for safe basement environments and healthy indoor air quality.
  5. Look for a one-stop service provider. Solving basement water problems involves several steps. Choose a company with full-service expertise so you don’t have to juggle four or five contractors during your project. A skilled, turnkey waterproofing team should provide start-to-finish service that includes: water cleanup, French drain and sump pump installation, weep hole drilling, exterior landscape drains, crawl space and basement waterproofing, dehumidifier installation and foundation repair.  

The Importance of a High-Quality Waterproofing Warranty

It should go without saying that any good waterproofing company should stand behind their work. Unfortunately, some contractors offer warranties with a lot of fluff, fine print and “exceptions.” At Blue Umbrella Waterproofing, we are 100% confident in the products and workmanship we provide—so we offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty that delivers 100% peace of mind. As long as you’ve properly maintained your waterproofing system without making modifications or system blockages, we promise:

  • If something goes wrong, you are entitled to FREE replacement of all materials and labor in previously waterproofed areas (as specified by the original contract).
  • If you sell your home, your Blue Umbrella Waterproofing warranty is fully transferable to the new homeowner. As long as the waterproofing system is still in use, all warranty terms and conditions apply to the new owner.
  • In addition to our lifetime waterproofing warranty, you will also receive sump pump and dehumidifier warranties from leading manufacturers.

The Blue Umbrella Waterproofing Way: Putting You First

When water infiltrates your basement and threatens your home and health, Blue Umbrella’s got you covered. Owner Steve Karlik and many of his team members grew up in New Jersey—and we’re here to stay. We give back to the communities we serve, offer products and services we believe in, and treat customers like family. That’s the Blue Umbrella Waterproofing Way—and it’s the reason we’re proud to go to work every day.

It’s stressful to deal with a wet basement, damp crawl space or bowed basement walls, and we don’t think you should have to pay for answers. That’s why we offer FREE estimates to New Jersey customers. Before you pay a dime, we’ll assess the problem and tell you how we can help. Just contact us by phone or email, and we’ll respond promptly to schedule an appointment!

Steve Karlik

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