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Leaning Foundation Wall Repair

New Jersey Leaning/Tipping Basement Wall Repair

Central & Northern NJ and the Jersey Shore's Pros for Tipping Foundations

Have you noticed that your basement walls have started to lean inward? Have you wondered what is causing the issue, how serious it is, and how to fix it? That is where Blue Umbrella comes in. We are New Jersey's local foundation repair experts. 

One of our foundation repair specialists will visit your home for a thorough inspection to find the source of the issue - foundation movement, soil expansion, soil contraction, or water drainage problems. Whatever the issue, we create customized solutions to strengthen and repair your leaning basement walls permanently. We have helped hundreds of your New Jersey home and business owners fix their foundations. Let us help you. Give us a call today.

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What is a Leaning/Tipping Foundation Wall?

A leaning basement wall is one in which the wall itself remains straight; there is no bulge in the middle of the wall; however, either the top or the bottom of the wall has begun to lean inwards into your basement. 

You will most often see a wall leaning inwards from the top, but that is not always the case. In some instances, soil pressure at the bottom of the wall can cause it to lean in from the bottom, and the top of the wall may actually lean out and even protrude past the framed wall, becoming visible from the outside.

Leaning vs Bowing Foundation Walls

A leaning foundation wall is different than a bowing foundation wall. With a bowing basement wall, the top and bottom of the wall remain in place; however, somewhere between the top and bottom, the wall has begun to bow or bulge inwards.

Leaning and tipping Basement Walls in New Jersey

Poured Concrete vs Masonry Block Foundations

Generally, you see bowing or bulging if your New Jersey home has a masonry block (cinder block) foundation, where the mortar between the masonry blocks can weaken under external pressure and push (bow) into the basement. 

Poured concrete foundation walls, unlike masonry, block walls, are one solid unit, and bulging is unlikely even if an external force is pressing on a single point of the foundation wall. So instead, if you have a foundation wall issue with a poured concrete foundation, it will likely be wall leaning.

Causes of Leaning & Tipping Basement Walls

If you are dealing with leaning basement walls in your New Jersey home, it is important to understand that leaning foundation (basement) walls can be caused by a number of different issues. Let's break down some of them.

Hydrostatic pressure
Another common cause of leaning basement walls is hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when water builds up in the soil around a foundation and puts pressure on the walls. Foundation wall movement begins to occur when the hydrostatic pressure against a foundation wall is greater than what the basement wall can withstand. This pressure can cause the walls to crack, lean, bow, and eventually collapse entirely over the course of time.

Water management Issues
If your gutters are clogged or cracked, you can have a foundation problem. When it rains, water seeps into the soil. If water seeps into the ground surrounding your home's foundation, hydrostatic pressure can cause the water to push up against your basement walls, causing them to lean inwards. Clean and functioning gutters and downspouts can help keep rainwater from the ground surrounding your foundation.

Expansive Soil
Certain soils, like clay, are especially susceptible to hydrostatic pressure, shrinking during dry spells and swelling when it rains, putting pressure on the walls during rainstorms and causing leaning foundation walls.

Frozen Soil
As the temperature drops, the soil surrounding your basement can freeze. As the soil freezes, it expands, pressing against your basement walls, and causing them to lean inwards.

Lateral Pressure
If there is a heavy weight, like a large vehicle, sitting on the ground near your basement's foundation, this downward pressure of the vehicle on the ground can produce lateral pressure, pushing your basement walls inwards.

Foundation Settlement
Over time, your NJ home's foundation begins to settle, but if it settles unevenly, it exerts pressure on your basement walls which can lead them to buckle and lean inwards.

Poor Construction/ Soil Compaction
When homes are erected, the soil below is compacted to help bear the structure's weight. But there's a balance here - too much compaction can cause severe damage! Soil breakdown weakens its structural integrity and leaves foundations vulnerable.

New Jersey Damaged Foundation Wall

Do You Need to Repair Leaning Foundation Walls?

In a word, yes. Even if the foundation walls of your New Jersey property are made with the best materials and construction techniques, it's still possible for them to lean or shift over time. If not corrected quickly, leaning walls will worsen until complete wall replacement is necessary - a much more expensive and invasive solution than preemptive leaning wall repair. If left wholly ignored, leaning walls can eventually collapse.

Leaning foundation walls should not be taken lightly. A weakened foundation places your home's safety and your family's well-being at risk. But, given the complexity of the problem, and the risks of further damage from ineffective repairs, leaning foundation repair is not a DIY project. You should rely on a qualified and experienced professional to handle this for you.

Leaning/Tipping Basement Wall Solutions

Blue Umbrella employs two foundation stabilization solutions for NJ homes suffering from leaning basement walls - steel I-beams and carbon fiber straps. Depending on the severity of the problem you face, we may suggest one solution over another.

Carbon Fiber Strips (Carbon Fiber Straps)

We utilize carbon fiber straps to secure your basement walls, preventing further leaning. But not all carbon fiber straps are of the same quality. Blue Umbrella uses Invisibeam by Fortress, a carbon fiber strap system stronger than steel, tie-backs, and carbon fiber fabric.

Invisibeam is the only carbon fiber system that anchors to the home structure and foundation. It also comes with an industry-leading lifetime warranty when installed by authorized contractors like Blue Umbrella.

Invisibeam carbon fiber straps are ICC certified and will pass all local and international building code requirements, making them an attractive and reliable choice for homeowners looking for a long-term solution to leaning foundation walls.

New jersey Carbon fiber Strap Installation Company

Steel I-Beams

In acute New Jersey foundation wall issues, we may opt for steel I-beams, another reliable leaning foundation wall solution. We install the steel I-beams flush every four feet along your leaning basement wall. The beams are anchored to your basement floor and your home's structure and can take on a tremendous load.

The beams have serious foundation stabilization capabilities, supporting the basement wall and effectively ending your leaning foundation wall problems.

New Jersey Steel I-Beam Installation Foundation Repair

How Much Does Leaning Wall Repair Cost?

The cost of foundation stabilization installations can vary depending on the severity of the leaning wall, the type of repair required, and the materials needed to repair the foundation. The size of the project is also a factor that can influence expenses; repairing damage over an expansive area will almost certainly require more time and resources than more minor repairs.

Additional considerations include access to the site and any special needs that might affect installation processes or component choice. To provide an accurate quote, one of Blue Umbrella's foundation repair specialists will visit your home to inspect the issue and create a customized foundation repair solution.

Get Your New Jersey Bowing Basement Wall Inspection

If the foundation walls of your New Jersey home are starting to lean, don't stress; give Blue Umbrella a call. With years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we have the expertise and experience required to provide you a permanent foundation solution. 

Get started today by scheduling a free inspection and estimate with us - your trusted New Jersey leaning basement wall experts. So give us a call now – let's get those walls back on track! If you are also experiencing water in the basement, we provide professional basement waterproofing services.

To request a free estimate, call Blue Umbrella Waterproofing at 908.365.1129 or contact us online today.

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