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Bernards, NJ Basement Waterproofing

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If you are facing water in the basement, mold in the crawl space or a bowing basement wall Blue Umbrella can help. We have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses, offering professional, warrantied basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation (crawl space repair), and foundation repair in Bernards, NJ. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection.

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Basement Waterproofing

In every Bernards home or property, we find that the basement water issues are never exactly alike, so we create customized waterproofing plans that can include interior as well as exterior waterproofing. We take into consideration the home’s age, foundation depth, and the grading of the property. Your basement waterproofing system may include:

  • Weep holes drilled in the basement wall to control entering water and reduce the hydrostatic pressure
  • A french drain installed beneath the floor along the basement perimeter to collect water entering through the weep holes.
  • A sump pump that pumps out any of the water collected and channeled from the French drain. We use Zoeller sump pumps.
  • An exterior landscape drain that transports the water far away from your home’s foundation.
  • A basement dehumidifier to maintain a healthy humidity in the space, preventing mold development.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement brings more benefits than just a dry floor. A waterproofed basement can bring:

  • Improved health and safety: A dry basement needs no mold and no mold means no potential respiratory infections or allergies.
  • Higher home value. A dry, waterproofed basement keeps the space and foundation free of moisture, mold, and rot, protecting the value of your home.
  • Additional usable space. With a dry basement, you have all this additional square footage that you can use for a bedroom, office, den, or storage space.
  • Peace of mind. No more worrying about when you see rain in the forecast.

Completed Basement Waterproofing System in Basking Ridge, NJ

We were called to help with a basement water issue in Basking Ridge (Bernards Township), NJ 07920. After inspecting the space we installed a full interior basement waterproofing system with a french drain, and two new sump pump basins with accompanying sump pumps. Radon seal was applied to prevent the movement of water and water vapor. With the completed system finished the basement should stay clean and dry.

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair

If your home in Bernards has a crawl space instead of a basement, Blue Umbrella waterproofs crawl spaces as well. Common crawl space issues you may be encountering:

  • Structural damage from rotting wood
  • Rodents, bugs, and insects infesting the crawl space
  • Mold growth, which can cause respiratory infections and allergies

Crawl space encapsulation and repair keep these issues from happening.

The Crawl Space Encapsulation (Crawl Space Repair) Process

Your crawl space is attached to your Bernards home and acts as a portal to the wet air outside. Since you cannot separate your crawl space from the rest of your home you can separate your crawl space from the outside. This is accomplished through crawl space encapsulation:

  1. Cleaning: The first step is to clean out any rubbish in the crawl space and drain any pooled water.
  2. Crawl Space Encapsulation: Once the crawl space is cleaned, durable, vinyl material is laid down on the floor and pressed on the crawl space walls. The vents are covered and the entire area is sealed off (encapsulated) from the outside.
  3. Sump Pump Installation: A crawl space sump pump is added to collect and pump out any water that manages to enter the space.
  4. Crawl Space Dehumidifier:  To complete the system, a dehumidifier is added to maintain the proper humidity, preventing mold growth and rot.

With the finished crawl space encapsulation (crawl space repair) system, your home is kept dry and protected.

Basement Foundation Repair

Beyond water issues, you may be dealing with foundation problems. The good news is that Blue Umbrella also offers basement foundation repair in Bernards, NJ. If you are unsure if you have a foundation issue, definitely give us a call to check, but the types of cracks you see can also signal the underlying foundation problems.

Vertical: If you see vertical cracks, this does not mean you necessarily have foundation issues. Concrete naturally shrinks as it ages creating vertical cracks.

Horizontal: Horizontal wall cracks are more of an issue. These types of cracks are caused by the concrete walls being pressed inwards due to the pressure of the external soil.

Stair Step: Stair step cracks look like stairs with a pattern of vertical, then horizontal, then vertical cracks. These cracks are also problematic and are usually the result of stress placed on your foundation floor and walls due to the uneven settling of soil beneath your home.

Minimally Invasive Foundation Solutions

Blue Umbrella offers effective, long-lasting foundation repair solutions for your foundation issues. No need to worry.

Steel I-Beam Installation
One option is the steel I-beam installation. The I-beams are placed along the basement walls reinforcing the walls and preventing any further basement wall bowing.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
An alternative is carbon fiber strips. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and the strips are placed flush along the basement walls providing similar support to the I-beams. But, the carbon fiber strips are minimally invasive and can be covered up or painted over.

Prep for Your Bernards Project

A foundation repair or basement waterproofing project in Bernards, NJ can involve a lot of steps, but Blue Umbrella will be with you throughout the whole thing. Here are some helpful links as you get started on the journey.

Township Code Enforcement Department

Phone: 908-204-3173
Engineering Services Building
First Floor
277 South Maple Avenue
Basking Ridge, NJ
Office Hours:
7:00AM - 3:00PM
Monday - Friday

Helpful Livingston, NJ Links
Bernards Construction Code
Planning & Zoning Information

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Excellent company to work with. Steve thoroughly reviewed the seepage problem were having in our basement before recommending a solution.

-Pat Riotto

Working with Steve was a pleasure. He is an extremely professional and likable guy. He did a great job waterproofing, installing french drain system, and providing all around advice to keep our basement dry.

-Dan Kotch

Quality work with expedient service. Great communication. Left the work area neat as if no work was ever done. Would recommend to family, friends and neighbors.

-Luis Sanchez

Recently had french drain and sump pump problems in the basement. Reached out to Steve from Blue umbrella. Steve was quick thorough and worked very clean.

-Sean Garley

Blue Umbrella was fantastic. Honest, quick and efficient. Since having our basement waterproofed, we have not had one ounce of water down there.

-Jennifer King


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