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Do you have water in your basement, cracks in your basement walls, or mold in the crawl space? If you do, then Blue Umbrella is your solution. We have been the solution for hundreds of homeowners and businesses throughout greater Livingston, providing reliable, warrantied basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space encapsulation services. When you choose Blue Umbrella, you receive:

Does your home need waterproofing?

We provide free inspections so you can find out.

Basement Waterproofing

Does your home need waterproofing?

Do you need basement waterproofing in your Livingston home? To be sure, have one of our basement specialists visit you for a free home inspection. They will look through your basement, noting evidence of water seeping through the basement walls and floors or through concrete cracks. After the inspection, our specialist will sit down with you to answer your questions, explain the issue and offer a customized basement waterproofing plan and estimate.

How Does Our Basement Waterproofing Work?

  • If your Livingston home does need basement waterproofing, you can choose from exterior or interior basement waterproofing systems, but interior basement waterproofing is often the more inexpensive and reliable option.
  • With interior basement waterproofing, weep holes are drilled in the base of the basement wall along the perimeter of the basement.
  • Water enters through the weep holes and is caught in a French drain installed just below the weep holes. With challenging basement water issues, we use Blue Angel sump pumps. 
  • The French drain captures the water and transports it to a sump pump which then pumps the water out of the basement.
  • The water then travels safely away from your home in an exterior drainage system.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

If you have your Livingston basement waterproofed by Blue Umbrella you get more than just a dry basement.

  • Improved health and a safer environment – Maintaining safe humidity in your basement prevents mold growth which means no mold spores in your home and the accompanying allergic reactions.
  • Home value protection - A waterproofed basement means a protected basement, safeguarding your home’s value.
  • Extra space - With your dry basement, you have an entire floor of usable space you didn’t have before.
  • Reduce stress levels - Your protected basement means you do not need to be worried about rain storms causing basement flooding ever again.

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair

Blue Umbrella also provides crawl space repair and crawl space encapsulation in Livingston. Crawl space repair and encapsulation keep the space free of water, mold, rodents, and insects.

How the Crawl Space Repair Process Works

Waterproofing the crawl space is similar to waterproofing the basement following a similar set of steps.

  1. Drying the Space: First, the crawl space is cleaned, removing debris, water and dirt.
  2. Sump Pump Installation: The cleaned-out space is then graded so that the ground slopes to one corner where a new crawl space sump pump is installed.
  3. Crawl Space Encapsulation:  The crawl space is encapsulated with a thick vinyl liner placed along the ground, and the walls and the entrance and vents are sealed shut.
  4. Crawl Space Dehumidifier: A crawl space dehumidifier is added to finish the system. The humidity in the space is controlled, preventing mold and rot.

Basement Foundation Repair

Along with basement waterproofing and crawl space repair, we provide reliable basement foundation repair in Livingston, repairing bowing and damaged basement walls. If you see cracks in your basement walls, the crack type can inform you of the issues you face.

Vertical:  Vertical wall cracks usually don’t signify a foundation problem. As concrete ages, it will naturally form concrete cracks. But, just because vertical wall cracks don’t bring foundation issues, they can let water seep into your Livingston basement, and basement waterproofing may be a good solution.

Horizontal:  On the other hand, horizontal wall cracks do signify a foundation problem. The soil surrounding your basement can press against the walls causing them to bow inwards, producing horizontal wall cracks. If not corrected, bowing basement walls can eventually collapse. You need professional wall repair.

Stair-Step: Stair-step cracks, like horizontal wall cracks, are a problem. Horizontal wall cracks appear when your home’s foundation settles unevenly. Again, you need professional foundation repair.


Minimally Invasive Foundation Solutions

If you are facing foundation damage in your home, Blue Umbrella can help. Our foundation repair professionals use reliable, long-lasting foundation repair services to provide permanent foundation repair in Livingston.

Steel I-Beam Installation
If you are facing serious foundation issues, with basement walls bowing inwards over two inches, we recommend steel I-beam installation. The steel I-beams are placed against the basement walls and mounted securely, strengthening the basement walls and preventing any further weakening.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
In less extreme situations, carbon fiber strips can be installed, much like I-beams, against the basement walls. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel, and the strips strengthen the basement walls. As a bonus, the carbon fiber strips can be covered up or painted over.

Preparing for Your Livingston Project

A foundation repair or basement waterproofing project can involve a lot of steps, but Blue Umbrella will be with you throughout the whole thing. Here are some helpful links as you get started on the journey.

 Township Building Department

Phone: (973) 992-5000
Location: 357 S Livingston Ave, Livingston, NJ 07039
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30 PM

Helpful Livingston, NJ Links
Permits & Applications

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If you are looking for reliable, permanent basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, or foundation repair solutions, Blue Umbrella is your solution in Livingston. Call us today to schedule your free home inspection and estimate.

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We used Blue Umbrella to put in French drains and a sump pump and had a fantastic experience. Tony did a great job explaining their methodology during the sales process and it was a no brained to move forward with them. They completed the work quickly and with the highest quality.

-Dan Hennes

Had an excellent experience with Blue Umbrella. Workers were very neat and professional. Would highly recommend.

-Barbara Buttelmann

Great service! On time, effective and appropriate pricing. The owner is in contact at all times, and offers clear and honest information about the work. The crew is very respectful and efficient. After about five estimates we chose them as they were very clear, honest and professional. 

-Angela Lis

Steve and Tony at Blue Umbrella were very knowledgeable and helpful with remediating the water we found in our basement. They were extremely honest, fair and thorough. We highly recommend this company.

-Ashley Pagelow

Steve and Tony at Blue Umbrella were very knowledgeable and helpful with remediating the water we found in our basement.

-Ashley Pagelow


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