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Plainfield, NJ Basement Waterproofing

Plainfield, NJ Basement Waterproofing Company

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With years of experience, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing Staff has been serving the greater Plainfield area, protecting the properties of businesses and homeowners. We offer quality, warrantied basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and basement foundation repair. You should never have to worry about damage caused by a flooded basement and we are here to make sure that never happens.

When you choose us as your Plainfield waterproofing company, you can count on:

You can rest assured that your Plainfield home will be in honest good hands and secured with lifetime warranties for all waterproofed areas. Look no further and reach out to us today for a free inspection.

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Basement Waterproofing

Plainfield homes come in every size and shape, requiring a customized approach to waterproofing. Blue Umbrella uses both interior and exterior basement waterproofing. Your basement waterproofing project may include the following:

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing not only keeps your basement dry, but also provides additional benefits that include:

  • Improved health and safety. Moldy basements from water penetration can lead to respiratory infections and allergic reactions. Controlling basement water and humidity will prevent mold growth.
  • Increased home value. If you sell your Plainfield home, realtors will inspect your home for water damage.
  • More usable space. Waterproofing your home allows you to repurpose that space and turn it into a private office, a theater room, or living area.
  • Peace of mind.Waterproofing your basement takes one more thing off your mind; you can now enjoy the sound of rain without worrying about basement flooding.

Crawl Space Repair / Encapsulation

Ignoring your crawl space can result in damage to your Plainfield home. Crawl spaces often fall victim to humidity. As warm, wet air get trapped in the space below your home, it can lead to a whole host of problems:

  • Mold - when not contained can spread to the rest of your home, with spores causing upper respiratory infections and allergy symptoms.
  • Severe deterioration to your home's foundation and structure.
  • A breeding ground for bugs, insects and rodents.

help increase your home's overall value with proper crawl space repair and encapsulation.

How the Crawl Space Repair Process Works

Your home can't be separated from your crawl space, but you can separate it from the outdoors.

  1. The area is dried:The first step before installation is to clean and dry the area.
  2. Sump Pump Installation:The sump pump collects and pumps out any future water to prevent it from entering your crawl space. A battery back-up sump pump is also installed to ensure the crawl space remains dry even during a power outage.
  3. Crawl Space Encapsulation:Highly durable, protective liner is laid on floors and walls of the crawl space to prevent water leaks and indoor moisture; vent covers are installed, sealing off the area from outdoor moisture, bugs and bad smells.
  4. Crawl Space Dehumidifier:A crawl space dehumidifier improves air quality and lowers the humidity level in the crawl space to prevent mildew, but it won’t remove mold or mildew once established. This is why it is important to first clean and dry the area first.

Although basement waterproofing requires intensive labor, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing is up for the challenge and will be taking care of the entire process for you. High-quality, reliable products that we trust are used, so you can be confident your Plainfield home is properly protected for years to come.

Basement Foundation Repair

Ensure that your Plainfield home’s basement stands structurally sound. Basement foundation problems arise from a number of problems, but you can get an idea about some of these issues by inspecting the type of cracks that you see in the walls of your Plainfield home basement.

Vertical: When concrete shrinks, vertical cracks are formed. These types of cracks are not representative of structural issues, but they do allow water to seep into your basement. We take care of these cracks and provide sealing solutions.

Horizontal: Horizontal cracks are caused by external soil pressure that forces the walls to bow inward, weakening the foundation of your Plainfield home. Alarmingly, this can eventually lead your home to slowly collapse over time. Our experienced team can inspect your basement and recommend the right solution to prevent and strengthen your Plainfield home’s foundation.

Stair Step: Stair step cracks arise from direct structural problems and should be looked over by trained professionals. They indicate that a foundation is settling and that the soils underneath your foundation are uneven, causing your home to rest unevenly.

Minimally Invasive Foundation Solutions

Depending on the exact issue, we may recommend alternative solutions. For bowing basement walls, we often recommend carbon fiber reinforcement.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
In order to counteract the pressure damaging the walls of your foundation, fiber strips made of carbon are installed to counteract this force. Carbon fiber is much stronger than steel and consequently helps prevent further weakening of your Plainfield home’s foundation. The strips are placed nearly flush with the wall and can be painted over. Installation is fast, minimally invasive and provides a smart investment, protecting your foundation over the long run.

Preparing for Your Plainfield Project

Part of a foundation or waterproofing project in your home is making sure the right paperwork and permits are filed with the Plainfield Building and Construction Division. Listed below is helpful information to get you started, and no need to worry, Blue Umbrella is with you in every step of the process.

Plainfield Township Building Department

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 908.226.2665
Address: 508 Watchung Ave, Plainfield, NJ 07060

Helpful Plainfield Links
Plainfield New Jersey Building and Construction Division
New Jersey Construction Permits

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If you need basement waterproofing, crawl space repair or basement foundation repair in Plainfield, NJ, Blue Umbrella Waterproofing is your local expert. We offer quality services, using top-quality products, providing industry-best guarantees.

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We used Blue Umbrella to put in French drains and a sump pump and had a fantastic experience.

-Dan Hennes

Steve and his Blue Umbrella team really took care of all my waterproofing needs.

-Ben Li

My Blue Umbrella Waterproofing experience was phenomenal. Steve and John walk me through the entire process and really made me feel at ease.

-Pavel Alvarez

Blue Umbrella was highly recommended. They did a great job. They installed a heavy duty sump pump, emergency battery backup for the sump pumps with built in high water alarms

-Irina Marr

Absolutely flawless service. I cannot give any higher praise and recommendation for Blue Umbrella Waterproofing. Steve and his crew showed up right on time ready to go the day of the job, no messing around right to it.

-Manny Maza


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