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Roselle Park, NJ Basement Waterproofing

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Water in your basement or crawl space or cracks crawling up your basement walls can steadily grow into serious problems and create huge problems. But, we can stop the issues from happening. Give us a call for expert Roselle Park, NJ basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and foundation repair.

When you work with Blue Umbrella, you get:  

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We install permanent solutions to your basement problems that come with a lifetime warranty. Live worry-free knowing that your home or business has been protected by dependable systems installed by a trusted basement waterproofing company. Give us a call today for a free inspection and estimate.

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Basement Waterproofing

Your Roselle Park home’s waterproofing issues are different than your neighbor’s waterproofing issues and require a customized basement waterproofing solution. After fully inspecting your basement our specialist will create a plan for your basement that can include both interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing solutions. An interior basement waterproofing system may include:

  • Weep holes drilled along the base of the basement walls to reduce hydrostatic pressure and control entering the water.
  • French drain installation in a channel drilled out along the floor’s perimeter that collects any entering water through the weep holes.
  • A sump pump that takes any water collected in the French drains and pumps it up and out of the home. We use Zoeller sump pumps.
  • An exterior landscape drain that transports the water far away from your home’s foundation.
    A basement dehumidifier to control the interior moisture and prevent mold growth.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing does more than keep your basement floors dry. There are additional benefits that you may not realize.

  • Improved health and safety. Damp basements lead to mold growth and mold growth can result in respiratory infections and allergies for individuals in your home.
  • Increased home value. It is hard to sell a home with a leaking or damaged foundation, and much easier to sell one with a transferable basement waterproofing warranty.
  • Additional usable space. A dry basement means more usable square footage in your home. Use it for a bedroom, an office, or storage space. Whatever you want.
  • Peace of mind. No more sleepless nights when you hear the rain outside.

A Completed Basement Waterproofing System in Roselle Park, NJ

Blue Umbrella was contacted by a Roselle Park, NJ homeowner to waterproof a home he had purchased a year ago that was suffering from basement water issues. The homeowner had previously lived in Roselle Park where at that time he had a different company waterproof his basement, but he was disappointed by the inferior quality of the work and the poor customer service. So, this time around with his new home, he called Blue Umbrella instead.

Blue Umbrella installed a full interior basement waterproofing system with 4-inch perforated PVC drain tile and new sump pump basins equipped with high-powered sump pumps connected to an existing underground drainage pipe that efficiently funneled water away from the basement and down to the street. Additionally, a trench drain was added at the bottom of the driveway to preemptively catch and redirect any water that would otherwise run down the driveway towards the home and make its way into the basement.

Since installation, the homeowner has not had any more basement water troubles, and can safely make use of the space.

Basement Waterproofing System Installed in Roselle Park, NJ

On this job, we installed an interior waterproofing system in a Roselle Park NJ home. We installed an interior French drain system, 4-inch perforated PVC pipe, two sump basins, two sump pumps. The waterproofing system safely collects, pumps out, and drains away any water that enters the basement keeping the floor clean and dry. We can help you with your own basement waterproofing needs. Give us a call at 908.432.8858.

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair

Your Roselle Park home may have a crawl space instead of a basement, but you can still run into water damage and mold problems. The good news is that crawl space encapsulation can protect your home.

Common crawlspace issues you may have include:

  • Mold growth, which can cause respiratory infections
  • Damage to the structure of your home
  • Infestations of rodents, bugs, and insects

The Crawl Space Encapsulation (Crawl Space Repair) process

Your home and the crawl space are permanently connected, not much you can do about that. But you can separate your crawl space from the outside so what is outside does not make its way into your home.

  1. Cleaning: Before a system can be installed the crawl space needs to first be cleaned out and any pooled water dried.
  2. Crawl Space Encapsulation: With the crawl space clean and dry, any vents are sealed and a thick, durable liner is placed on the floors and walls of the crawl space. The liner ‘encapsulates’ the space, sealing it off from the outside. Crawl space encapsulation is also called crawl space repair.
  3. Sump Pump Installation: A sump pump designed for the crawl space is installed. Any future water that does manage to get into the crawl space is collected by the sump pump and pumped out of the space.
  4. Crawl Space Dehumidifier: Like basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation is completed with a dehumidifier which maintains the humidity at a safe level, preventing mold growth.

Throughout the entire process, feel free to ask questions of our Blue Umbrella specialists. We are here to support and help you, making sure that everything is done right so it lasts for years.

Basement Foundation Repair

Not only do we help with basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation in Roselle Park, NJ but we also provide basement foundation repair. If you believe that you are dealing with foundation issues in your home or commercial property, the types of cracks that you see can give you a clue.

Vertical: If you see vertical wall cracks on your basement walls this is likely not an issue but you can give us a call to be sure. Vertical cracks form naturally as aging concrete shrinks.

Horizontal: Horizontal wall cracks are more worrying. The exterior soil outside of your basement can put pressure on the walls causing them to bow inward. If not corrected, the bowing will continue to worsen until the foundation is compromised.

Stair Step: Stair step cracks, like horizontal wall cracks, indicate a foundation issue. If the soil beneath your foundation is settling unevenly the floors and walls are stressed producing the stair-step crack pattern.

Minimally Invasive Foundation Solutions

Like most problems, the simplest and least expensive solution is the early one. Waiting for the issues to worsen makes it increasingly more difficult to fix. If you have bowing basement walls, wall cracks, or sloping floors we can help. Blue Umbrella provides effective foundation repair solutions in Roselle Park, NJ.

Steel I-Beam Installation

One possible solution is the installation of steel I-beams along the basement walls. The I-beams strengthen the walls, preventing them from bowing inward.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement.
Another potential option is the addition of carbon fiber strips. Like the steel I-beams, the strips are placed flush against the basement walls. Carbon fiber is also stronger than steel providing durable support to the basement walls. The Carbon fiber strips can be painted over, making them minimally invasive.

Prep for Your Roselle Park Project

A foundation repair or basement waterproofing project in Roselle Park, NJ can involve a lot of steps, but Blue Umbrella will be with you throughout the whole thing. Here are some helpful links as you get started on the journey.

Township Code Enforcement Department

Municipal Complex - Second Floor - 110 East Westfield Ave. - Roselle Park, NJ 07204
Phone: 908-245-6222
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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If you have water in your basement or crawl space or foundation problems, make sure to reach out to us. Blue Umbrella is your local basement waterproofing and foundation repair expert in Roselle Park, NJ. Call us today at 908.432.8858

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Excellent company to work with. Steve thoroughly reviewed the seepage problem were having in our basement before recommending a solution.

-Pat Riotto

Working with Steve was a pleasure. He is an extremely professional and likable guy. He did a great job waterproofing, installing french drain system, and providing all around advice to keep our basement dry.

-Dan Kotch

Quality work with expedient service. Great communication. Left the work area neat as if no work was ever done. Would recommend to family, friends and neighbors.

-Luis Sanchez

Recently had french drain and sump pump problems in the basement. Reached out to Steve from Blue umbrella. Steve was quick thorough and worked very clean.

-Sean Garley

Blue Umbrella was fantastic. Honest, quick and efficient. Since having our basement waterproofed, we have not had one ounce of water down there.

-Jennifer King


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